Archeology History Essay

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The principles of archaeology are all about the history of archaeology and its methods and theories. The definition of the archaeology can be described as the study of the past history of human by applying methods on some material remains which can be category as artifacts, ecofacts, or features. The importance of field of study is obvious because it’s the best way to find out our human history from the ancient time and can show the development of both cultural civilizations and evolution. Besides, Archaeology is great because it combines scientific and humankind. The site of mound-builder" in the North America is a famous example as it caused a debate for -many years. In the beginning , two hypotheses were there for its construction: The first is Native Americans theory. This theory supposed the mound work were done by the ancient Native Americans. However the ' ' lost race" theory believed that the monuments were built by some civilized ancient people which could may not survived from the ancient time. The mysterious builders
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German people found it in 1991 in Ötzital Alps on the border of Austria. In the beginning, some scientist tried to excavate the remain body by ice-axes but did not succeed due to bad weather condition then the remain was salvaged. After transported to the University of Innsbruck more scientific analyses were done. And it was found the stomach contained 30 types of pollen.What’s more, it showed that some grains and meat from an ibex, a wild goat.” (James Owen 2013). After a more detailed check, it was proven that the Iceman experienced arthritis, and he also suffered suffered serious illness before he died. Later ,when using modern tech rebuilt its facial construction of showed that Ötzi man’s age is around 45 years,which has brown eyes, a beard, a furrowed face and sunken cheeks. He is depicted looking tired and ungroomed.” (Dickson

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