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  • King Memorial Hospital Case Study

    costs, aligning provider and payer incentives, shifting to value-based purchasing, working with physicians more closely and regulatory/legislative uncertainty affecting strategic planning; governmental mandates consist of CMS audits, implementation of ICD-10 and CMS regulations; and patient safety, quality, and satisfaction which consist of engaging physicians in…

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  • Sickle Cell Disorder (SCD): A Case Study

    Sickle Cell Disorder [ICD-10 D57] Sickle Cell Disorder (SCD) may be one cause to this child’s previously listed symptoms. SCD is an inherited disease in which an abnormal hemoglobin S [HbS] leads to chronic hemolytic anemia, pain, and organ failure (Grossman & Porth, 2014). SCD is transmitted by a recessive gene and can manifest as a sickle cell trait or sickle cell disease. The sickle cell trait may manifest as a heterozygote with one HbS gene [HbS], and SCD may manifest as a homozygote with…

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  • Cost Benefit Analysis

    Choosing the appropriate EMR (electronic medical record) vendor is essential to a successful transition from paper records to electronic medical records. Many factors must be weighed in this selection process. One method to help hospitals and practices make this complex decision is to complete a cost-benefit analysis. Entire books have been written on how to conduct cost-benefit analysis and an in-depth analysis goes well beyond the scope of this paper. Instead, this discussion will focus on…

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  • Addiction: A Genetic Analysis

    Introduction The NHS defines addiction as “Addiction is defined as not having control over doing, taking or using something to the point where it could be harmful to you.” Addiction is usually thought of as been related to alcohol, smoking (nicotine), drugs or gambling, but in fact can be associated to far more such as, shopping, solvents, internet, mobile phones or even work. Many reasons can be related to why something is classed as an addiction, typically with alcohol, smoking and drugs this…

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  • Paraphilia Essay Introduction

    Overview Paraphilias is derived from the Greek word “Para” which means around or beside and the word “Philia” which means love. A term coined in the early 1900’s to describe atypical sexual behaviors. It is described as an emotional disorder that are ascertained to be as sexually arousing fantasies, recurrent behaviors that interferes with social function and other important daily functioning. Regarded as a sexual dysfunction, people with paraphilic condition have intense sexual fantasies and…

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  • Effects Of Bilingualism On Working Memory

    simplypsychology.org/working%20memory.html Roman, A. S., Pisoni, D. B., & Kronenberger, W. G. (2014). Assessment of Working Memory Capacity in Preschool Children Using the Missing Scan Task. Infant and Child Development, 23(6), 575–587. http://doi.org/10.1002/icd.1849 Blom, E., Küntay, A. C., Messer, M., Verhagen, J., & Leseman, P. (2014). The benefits of being bilingual: Working memory in bilingual Turkish–Dutch children. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology,128, 105-119.…

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  • Deangelo Case Study Answers

    V. Psychological Factors Functions According to the case manager Ms. Lewis as a result, DeAngelo has significant limitations in activities of daily living. His appearance is often neglected. He often wears unwashed clothing and appears to be untidy. He stays in his room for days afraid of dust and particles will get into his lungs and he continues to always wear his mask over his face. DeAngelo would rather sleep than move around in the day time. He barely sleeps at night because he says,” he…

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  • Diet And Nutrition In Nursing

    Diet & Nutrition Maintaining the health of nurses is essential to ensure that they can continue to provide optimal healthcare for others. Thus, we plan to implement a program addressing concerns in diet and nutrition, to encourage the healthy eating behaviours of nurses so that they may maintain their health and wellness. As healthcare professionals, nurses face certain risk factors for unhealthy dietary behaviours and obesity. These risk factors may include irregular meal schedules, long…

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  • Acute Prostatitis Case Studies

    Genitourinary Case Study and Plan of Care Infections like acute prostatitis in the male genitourinary system are rare while disorders like benign prostatic hyperplasia are more common with aging (Yoon et al., 2012). Mr. H.S. is a 60-year-old male with history of urinary issues for two years. Reports today symptoms have increased in severity. He reports today nocturia consisting of 4-5 episodes a night and interference of daily activities related to frequent urination with a decreased urinary…

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  • Deadly Silence Part Two Analysis

    Deadly Silence: Part Two “We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails”- Unknown author Taking off from where we stopped last month, we need to remember that people who attempt suicide value their lives, too. It is an error on our part to think otherwise. The community’s negative mind set towards suicide has given rise to a unique form of stigma, causing some individuals and their families to shy away from getting the help that could be life-saving. Stigma There are two terms I…

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