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  • HDFC Regalia Credit Card Case Study

    HDFC Regalia First Credit Card HDFC Regalia Credit Card is a card offered by HDFC bank. The card comes with special privileges and benefits. The card also offers the feature of reward points on all card transactions. These points when accumulated can be used to purchase gifts and other items. Why HDFC There are plenty of banks in the market that offer credit card facilities. What makes HDFC unique is the fact that it is the second largest private bank in the country. It has a network of…

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  • Personal Narrative: Acapulco Vacation

    Fun fact: We spent a total of four days as tourists in a combination of Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, Panama City, and Playa del Coco. Miguel and I left Puerto Vallarta and flew to Zihuatenejo for lunch and fuel. Although it is a popular vacation destination in its own right, we didn’t stop there; instead we set our course for Acapulco. After we touched down in Acapulco, the two of us spent the remainder of that day and all of the following day enjoying the world famous resort. Though my…

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  • Servant Leaders

    God in one way or another. Let’s find out what your calling is and what it means to be a servant leader. So, I am going to start with the first question. What is a vocation or a call, particularly for Christians, how does it grow? In the Michael Hyatt Podcast, he stated “that a calling is something that resonates with you. It is deeply appealing to you. He also said there are four attributes to calling. External, personal,…

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  • Kinesthetic: Modern Learning Style Analysis

    ” Ways of Reading: An Anthology for Writers. 9th ed. Bartholomae, David and Anthony Petrosky. Boston: Bedford- St. Martin’s, 2011. 216-226. Print. Perez, Sarah. "Education 2.0: Never Memorize Again?." Read Write Web. Ed. Richard MacManus, Abraham Hyatt, David Strom, and Dan Frommer. N.p., 2 Dec. 2008. Web. 1 Feb. 2012.…

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  • Sexual Harassment Definition

    Sexual harassment was seen, primarily among women, as an inevitable occupational hazard. However, since 1986, sexual harassment has been recognized as a violation of federal law, yet it is still a common violation occurring towards both males and females, particularly in the hospitality and tourism industry (Calvasina, 2005). This essay explains what sexual harassment in the workplace is, as well as, what is classified as sexual harassment. There are numerous reasons as to why sexual harassment…

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  • Analysis Of The Last Lecture By Randy Pausch

    Life is like a jarring mountain. Life will make you come across many curveballs and you will need to hit back. Randy Pausch repeatedly shows how he never gave up through the various aspects of his life in which he struggled. He always reached to places people have not and proved them wrong. This is very important millions of other people aiming to accomplish something prodigious. In the Last Lecture, Randy Pausch tries to convince us to believe that adversities happen and when they do, we must…

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  • Airbnb

    Critical Analysis Threat to Hotel Industry Martin-Rios. C (2015) mentions about an interesting question brought out by Professor Sekulic “ Will Hotel rooms share the fate of CDs and DVDs?”, which obviously is in relation to the threat for hotel industry from Collaborative consumption companies like Airbnb who are in the business of aggregating rooms under an online bed-sharing concept. The hotel industry has yet to come to terms with the awareness as to how much customers especially the…

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  • Compare And Contrast Essay On The Hillary Clinton Debate

    Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump “What we have to do is to find a way to celebrate our diversity and debate our differences without fracturing our communities” Hillary Clinton. This quote by Hillary Clinton was said when she was accepting an honorary degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1993. The 2016 presidential election debates in the United States of America were a series of three debates. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had the great opportunity to go up and debate about…

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  • Airbnb Case Study

    Silicon Valley investors such as Google and Facebook resulting in long-time operation periods and increased revenue (Kenontek 2014, para. 11). This is shown through Airbnb valuing at $10 billion, significantly higher than top tiered hotel chains such as Hyatt (Spors 2014), revealing the ways BMC can be used to determine the feasibility of a business’s design upon implementing the crucial components. Despite this however feasibility study is based on…

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  • I Want To Go Back To College Essay

    Dreams, goals and plans is a great topic on why I want to go back to college. Achievement’s happen every day some are dreams come true, while some are just everyday plans. Some of my dreams may be intangible but they are a possibility. Goals are obtainable through a list of steps which you achieve through your everyday plans. I might say that my biggest dream is to be a CEO of a fortune 500 company. People may say impossible but it could happen. A goal may be a ten year plan to become an…

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