Case Study: Rio Tinto Stadium

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2.8. Hospitality space

Rio Tinto Stadium offers three (3) fully equipped professional locker rooms to the event players, as well as several drinking fountains scattered all throughout the venue and three (3) public elevators to service the spectators for the event.

Free Wi-Fi is available to all event goers via the “RSL FAN” network, to promote a festive real-time sharing of the events and highlights of the game. Additionally, the stadium offers its services to assist persons with disability (PWD), which is inclusive of:

• Accessible PWD parking spaces made available, that are on a first-come, first served basis
• Passenger Drop-Off Zone
• Allowed entry of certified service animals (e.g., service dogs) for guests with disabilities and in need of the service animal’s assistance
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Previous/similar event experience (must be real)

I have personally attended many games and events at Rio Tinto Stadium. The stadium is amazing and the entertainment is next to none. This is a must stop for any future tourist and for any future tournament.

2.10. Other Items of Interest

In addition to the above-mentioned specifics of the venue for the men’s soccer event, the following other items of interest may be considered:

A. Automated Teller Machines (ATM)
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Security stations and security making rounds during the game must be established to ensure peace and order, prevent theft or unruly behavior that may impose a negative impact on the integrity and credibility of the event and people who took part in preparing the event. Additionally, security is necessary to enforce the policies within the venue to have a smooth sailing flow of the event. Notably, the stadium requires one (1) security guard per fifty (50) spectators, to be stationed 30 – 60 minutes before the

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