Positive Out Of Conflict Essay

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Beyond popular belief, conflict is not necessarily a bad thing. In the school environment, passionate educators do not always agree with another and conflicts do arise. We all have different opinions and perspectives and we want our voices to be heard. To make a positive out of conflict, it takes collaboration amongst professionals as well effective leadership skills. During my educational career, I have been involved in more than a few conflicts with employees, but most of them turned out as a positive experience. When educators have conflict with one another, it is always good to remember to keep the needs of the student first. I want the best for my students. The other three members of my PLC team also want the best of the kids but sometimes our ideas clash. We all …show more content…
We have worked together for a long time, and we have a good working relationship. When you look at the collaborative process, a collaborative relationship is the most important aspect of the collaborative process (Chapman & Hyatt, 2011). I know she cares about kids and we share a mutual respect and that started with the relationship we have together. When educators take the time, and get to know one another, and together you share goals, beliefs, and values, the collaborative process is solid and the outcome will be an improved learning environment for students. As a leader on campus, my leadership skills also helped dissolve this conflict. For example, an effective leader must understand the importance of compromise. Compromising is an attempt to resolve the conflict by identifying a solution that is satisfactory to both parties (Corkindale, 2007). A compromise is what we used to solve our conflict. Why can’t we just have a week of morning tutoring, and then switch the next week to an after school tutoring session. It seemed like an easy solution, and I am not sure why we did not think of it

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