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  • Primates Human Behavior

    The study of primates is not as simple and straightforward as one might initially believe. Theirs’ is a complex world of interaction. In many ways highly similar to that of humans. This intricacy has led to the need for scientists to redefine what being human truly means. For upon studying primates a social milieu was revealed. Primates were seen expressing themselves through different behaviors. In addition, their societies are intricately organized and they form enduring relationships. These…

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  • The Joys Of Human Dating

    one that will confuse many an alien, a smile. Nearly all species on Earth view the bearing of teeth as a show of aggression or a threat. We as humans sometimes do this as well, but it is mostly kept for a sign of greeting or friendship.…

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  • Human Carnivore Conflict

    Human-carnivore interactions are universal, and people’s negative behaviors to carnivores in their habitats are a major challenge to biodiversity conservation (Woodroffe et al. 2005). These interactions play an important role in the livelihood and also determine the survival of the wildlife in the context of increasing pressure due to expanding human population characterizing most countries in south Asia (Ceballos and Ehrlich 2002). Large carnivores frequently viewed as indicator or umbrella…

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  • Is Human Cloning Possible

    have wondered whether cloning humans can be possible. Human cloning is creating an identical copy of a human. There is a possibility that humans can be cloned through therapeutic and reproductive cloning. Therapeutic cloning is used for research purposes whereas reproductive cloning is used for creating an organism. In recent discussions of cloning, a controversial issue has been made on whether cloning humans can be possible. On one hand, some argue that cloning humans is possible and should be…

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  • Human Population Dispersia

    Article 6: Why did modern human populations disperse from Africa ca. 60,000 years ago? A new model Based on new research it has been found that origins of modern humans occurred approximately 150,000 to 200,000 years ago. After that there was a dispersal of these primates into Asia and Europe. The question that this paper sought to answer was why it took 100,000 years for this dispersal to happen from Africa. It was suggested that there was an increase in technological, economic, social and…

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  • Human Inequalities In Animals

    The human-animal relationship has evolved after a long evolutionary history based upon mutual benefits. Such benefits still exist today, particularly for humans. However, the benefits in modern society go beyond those associated with the animal’s original purpose, which leads to relationship inequalities. This stems from the conflicting interests of humans and animals, where the benefits to one rarely occur without detriment to the other. The fact that these benefits are usually only short term,…

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  • Human Cloning Is Unethical

    is unethical for scientists to create human clones for the sole purpose of disemboweling the body for personal needs. These human clones would be human in every form and way, however, a scientist would remove the forebrain. Although the cloning of humans would be promising for people's health, it is purely unethical and dangerous to create life and then destroy someone’s narcissistic values. The question that has been controversial for over a decade is if human cloning is unethical or not.…

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  • Modular Human Ability

    Modular Humanity: An Inquiry into Bioethics and Human Ability A reality where a person can swap out every part of their body, from their heart to their fingertips, for high performance electrical parts might arrive in several years as research into biotechnology turns average people into super-humans. Biotechnology and bionics involve humans and electronics assimilating in ways that are beneficial to the person receiving the upgrade. These new forms of treatment currently consist of speculation…

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  • Human And Animal Interaction

    Human- animal interaction has always been considered a healthy way for people who seem to be depressed or alone. Having someone to care for is always recommended for people who are alone with no kids or spouse, having a pet is a good way of keeping someone sane. The interaction between human and animals can be beneficial on both sides, for the animal it can help a lot of them in need that have suffered abuse and neglect. However for humans it’s a sense of comfort and care they don’t always…

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  • Essay On Human Condition

    philosophers of old explored the meaning of human existence, and modern philosophers are no closer to finding the answer. Most people consider the presence of the human condition to be a sort of existential trap, in which humanity is doomed to live out an eternal cycle of suffering. However, in reality, it is more like a path all people must walk in order to achieve their potential. In order to grow, a person must experience each individual section of the human condition, whether it be…

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