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  • Human Extinction Essay

    of the Human Species The future is not guaranteed for individuals, and the same is true for all of humanity. Of the millions of species that exist on this planet humans are known as the most intelligent, but maybe this is a misconception. While mankind carries on its activities, the chance of a mass extinction grows with every misuse of the earth. It is more likely that humans will cause their own extinction than it is that they would be wiped out by a natural catastrophe. Humans are…

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  • Humans Vs The Divine

    Humans vs the Divine: Mutually Beneficial or One-sided Glorification? Over the years, humans have created many ways to cope with their existence on Earth. Some are existentialists, who believe that life lacks objective meaning, and some take the transcendentalist view and embrace the encompassing spirit of nature. Even though these and many more modern concepts tackle the idea of a godless existence, time-honored religion continues to sway the majority of humans on Earth. Some of the earliest…

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  • Human Enhancement Definition

    Pushing Boundaries of Human Enhancement through Cellular Reprogramming By definition, human nature is the different characteristics (thinking, attitude, feelings) created in ourselves by God. Many scholars and philosophers approach the concept of human nature by using different schools of thought. For instance, the Buddhists’ opinion about human nature is to be conscious and to aspire. Whereas Judeo-Christian’s point of view is that humans are God’s creation that has free willpower providing…

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  • Human Cloning Essay

    Human cloning has become a more widely debated topic in the scientific field, medical field, and society. It started out as cloning animals, and now it is coming to the point where cloning may be used on humans in the near future. This raises concern for many people around the world who are totally against it. It also brings hope for those in the medical field who are searching for ways to treat and cure certain diseases in their patients. The major thing preventing the cloning of humans is the…

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  • A Critique Of The Human Condition

    Human intelligence has posed a problem that might prove be the tragic flaw in our very existence. With our intelligent brains and technological advances, we are able to do more than simply survive and carry on the human race. We are able to ponder and wonder and think. This leads to self reflection, deeper interaction with others, and levels of confusion and frustration. The human condition, as defined by Moss and Korman in Biology and the Human Condition, is most simply put as the underlying…

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  • The Importance Of Humans On The Environment

    or any sort of livelihood we can all agree that humans take the majority of our planet’s demand. Throughout the whole unit readers learned more about our effects on our atmosphere. Also all throughout the question of humans being more important than our planet and the animals found on Earth has popped up several times. For those wondering the demand of humans is equally important as the demand of our atmosphere and animals. Firstly, we as humans have a major impact on our environment that…

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  • Human Nature In Anthropology

    Human nature, after exploring the notion more deeply, seems to suggest that it is more complex than at first glance. Humans, according to the majority of social psychologists, love to simplify ideas into categories or groups leaving the concept of human nature as no exception. Yet, by examining human nature as we have for centuries, we are now shifting our rigid ideas of this concept. Human nature can be viewed as a network web, stringing ideas together in a very intertwine way; such as how…

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  • The Characteristics Of The Human Condition

    What is the Human Condition? The Human Condition are characteristics in life in which one will experience at one moment or more in their life. The real question is, however, do you experience the Human Condition even if you’re not conscious of it? In order to be “human”, one must experience one of the characteristics of life. Conversely, there is Nihilism. Nihilism is the rejection of all religious and moral principles, believing that life is meaningless. The idea of Nihilism goes against what…

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  • Dangers Of Human Cloning

    cloning to continue and what could happen to humans as this technology develops. Animals are the main test subjects on the effects of cloning to attempt to determine the possible effects that could happen to humans if more technology is developed. As more animals are continued to be tested companies want these cloned animals to be processed for food. Genetic cloning of animals for meat is wrong because there could be potential dangers towards humans, more animals create a problem with food and…

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  • Inevitable Human Nature

    Most people would agree that human nature is valid to the extent that people are effected by physical attributes and genetics. The major debate is whether human nature exists beyond those elements of our lives. I believe in a human nature that is not fixed but adaptable; not only would we have had to evolve to our current condition, but we also must be able to evolve from it. While the genetic differences between chimpanzees and human beings are very small, their effects are drastic and…

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