Human Nature : A Universal Condition Of Humanity Essays

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Most people would agree that human nature is valid to the extent that people are effected by physical attributes and genetics. The major debate is whether human nature exists beyond those elements of our lives. I believe in a human nature that is not fixed but adaptable; not only would we have had to evolve to our current condition, but we also must be able to evolve from it. While the genetic differences between chimpanzees and human beings are very small, their effects are drastic and extremely significant. In the cases of feral children and extreme cultural differences, it is difficult to see a universal condition of humanity. I argue that human nature is not a fixed set of universal traits but instead a malleable universal aptitude. While there are many intelligent animal species other than ourselves, they do not have the same capacity for intelligence, rationality, curiosity, and language that human beings do. A dolphin would not appreciate fine art, a gorilla cannot teach herself to speak French, and a dog is not going to check out a library book. While it is important to recognize the similarities we have with animals, it is also important to understand the crucial ways in which we are different.

5. Gazzaniga explains an experiment that was done in 1971, named “Newborn’s Response to the Cry of Another Infant.” In this experiment, babies who had been alive for only a few days cried in response to the distress of other infants. While the response of the newborns may…

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