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  • Professional Learning Community Observation Report

    to develop a PLC celebration I found out a good deal of information that concerned me. The majority of the school within the Wake County Public Schools System do not conduct PLC celebration. If a school does celebrate a PLC it is on an individual subject basis and not as a whole school. The schools that do/have conducted a PLC do not celebrate on a continuous bases. Therefore, I was basically starting this process from scratch. My first step was to meet with the principal to determine what the…

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  • Personal Narrative: Storms Into The Classroom

    I was excited to start learning the subject and be able to practice speaking the language with my older sister, who had a real passion and talent for it. My first Spanish teacher, Señora Toole, was a very kind, motherly, and understanding person. I remember staying after school on countless…

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  • Susan Wolf's Theory On Meaningful Life

    Susan Wolf‘s theory on how one live their lives is one subject that will be talked about in the days to come. She explains that the meaning to finding one’s happiness is through giving back to others in need and finding your passion. Although her statements may be true, she fails to mention anything about personal satisfaction. What is it about our personal satisfaction that would help us find meaning into our lives? Can our own personal success in life be sufficient enough to live a…

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  • Anti-Feminist Criticism In Hills Like White Elephants

    The way in which a story is presented can either be what Kenneth Burke refers to as good art or bad art. Good art is that which conveys multiple meanings through the context; bad art is that which only holds one meaning that is simply understood the same way among all audience members. Hills Like White Elephants can be categorized as good art through the ways in which, depending on the reader, can lead to various interpretations and understandings. Through examination of the story and its…

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  • Dealing With Difficult People Analysis

    Video Analysis One: Dealing With difficult people versus them dealing with you In 2007, psychologist Bill Crawford, produced a short video entitled “Dealing with difficult people versus them dealing with you” as one of a four part series filmed in conjunction with PBS (Crawford, 2007). The following video case analysis will compare the ideas present in the video to the ideas found in this week’s assigned readings - Resolving conflicts at work: Ten strategies for everyone on the job and…

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  • Holy Hands Analysis

    The power to help someone feel better physically or emotionally can be as simple as writing a letter, hugging someone or administering medications. These tasks are simple when done freely with two hands. Our hands are tools that we can use to help patients, family or friends when they need it the most. Most everybody has two hands, but not everybody uses them for good. To use our hands for good in healing others, is the same as doing God’s work on earth (O’brien, 2001). After reading the…

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  • Syntactic Rules Analysis

    Analysis of Syntactic Rules Every language has many syntactic rules that govern how sentences should be formed. These syntactic rules not only help speakers of that language consistently generate grammatical sentences in their mind, they also allow them to identify those that are ungrammatical. However, not every speaker is consciously aware of all the syntactic rules he or she follows. Sometimes speakers learn these rules subconsciously as they gain experience in using their language. They…

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  • Eric Olson On Personhood

    no substantial part. Lowe argues that a self/person is a unique subject of experiences and mental states. Firstly, he claims that mental states are necessarily had by a subject, like I feel pain so the feeling of pain is necessarily associated with my body, and my body is contingently mine though he didn’t explain why. Secondly, since the mental features require a substance to individuate, or unify, them, and, in this case, the subject, or person, own the mental features, then a person is a…

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  • Housewife Case Study

    The subject, Cece (not her real name), is a 47-year-old housewife/homemaker from Pasig City who set aside her 9-year-career as soon as her first child was born in exchange of becoming a stay-at-home mother and remained so 20 years after. Her husband, a 48-year-old government employee whom she has been married to for 25 years, is the sole provider for their family of three while their 19-year-old son is still finishing his college degree. A brief face-to-face meeting regarding the nature of this…

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  • Classroom Obsessive Behavior Analysis

    in reality teacher can make a difference with the obsessive behavior and engage it into the classroom. Behavior Traps is a long lastly unpredictable behavior action. Also called SIA for special interest areas. The child has a obsession with a subject or thing that keeps her from concentrating in the classroom. The child can also have obsessives…

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