Pupils Will Learn Language More Relevant In The Classroom

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Choosing content that relevant to pupils, is very important in a language lessons. This is based on 3 assumptions.
1. Pupils will learn language more successfully, if the subject of the lessons will be relevant for them, and they will feel that they will be able to use with the content in the near future or in their life in general.
2. Learning new language can be very embarrassing, especially during the adolescence. If we as a teachers can bring subject that appeal the pupils, and they will feel comfortable with this subject, it will make easy for them to take part during the lesson, and absorb the language much easily.
3. A relevant content can make the English lessons accessible for the pupils, and much more simplify,
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But most of all I think that they would like to talk about their future – and what can they do with their life. Because in the north they don’t have afternoon activities, and they feel that their life are not interesting or unique. And I think that during the English lesson I can show them new options, like for example – "How to use the YouTube?", and to show them movies that kids made. In that way I can make the English lessons more useful, and practical for …show more content…
By creating a framework that appeal the pupils you can get advantage:
1) The pupils feel more comfortable in a class where they feel that they know something, and that they are not lost in the woods. So they can rely on the knowledge that they already have, and concentrate on develop the language skills.
2) If the subject is relevant for them, and can link for their needs, then the inner motivation of the pupil will bring him to participate during the lesson.
If we will know to read the needs of the pupils, and response it during the English lesson, we will awake the motivation of the pupils. For example – "ways of using youtube wisely". It can help them to think big, and teach them how to use English. And with this combination of brining relevant subject and read the need, the pupils can recruited from an internal motivation.
The limitations of this approach is that it is based on a one subject, with a very narrow and specific vocabulary. At the same time, as a language teacher you want to give a strong and wide foundations for your pupils.

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