History of anatomy

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  • Puffins In Penguin Research Paper

    ON PUFFINS AND THEIR OPTIMIZATION FOR DUAL LOCOMOTION BY B. SIDELL ABSTRACT -- Puffins, one of the few wing-propelled diving birds, are specialized into a specific niche. By balancing the optimization of their bodies for locomotion between the two media of air and sea water created a unique anatomy for a bird. The evolution of Auks, which includes the puffin, shows a mixture of characteristics similar to those of the ultimate diving bird, the penguin, and the large-winged flyers, such as the pelican. Wing-propelled diving has evolved numerous times in the history of birds, each time finding a unique benefit to their species. This paper analyzes how the puffins have adapted in comparison to a deep diver and a high flier to see what puffins sacrificed in order to gain the ability of wing-propelled diving and flight. To compare…

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  • I Want To Become An Obstetrician/Gynecist

    draw my attention back into loving science and learning the material cause my to choose my major for college. I was trying to decide whether I should be a marine biology major or just biology. But then mind set changed again and that was when a doctor that help my older sister with her pregnancy and the passion that she had lead me to biology. The passion for helping other is what I want to do and I see that not a lot of people do that. Biology is about life and learning about it can help find…

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  • My Experience At Shifts University School Of Medicine

    1. Do you wish to include any comments (in addition to those already provided in your AMCAS application) to the Admissions Committee at Tufts University School of Medicine? Through my unconventional path to this point, I have encountered a number unique and broad experiences. Not all of these experiences have been becoming. Nonetheless, I have taken great strides to learn from these experiences and use them to make me into a better person. I also believe these experiences will shape me into a…

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  • Pursuing A Degree In Radiology Essay

    medicine as a career in my life. One unique thing about medical profession is, we can help to ease the person’s physical sufferings and can bring back smile on his/her face, and I feel it is very rewarding for us. Anatomy was my beloved subject in Medical school, and I always excelled in it. I enjoy the relationship of various structures to each other and cross-sectional anatomy. In the Medical school, my continued diligence granted me with distinction and first rank in the University in…

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  • Becoming A Neurosurgeon

    It takes many years of school and hard work to become a neurosurgeon. Minimum requirements to get a job as a neurosurgeon include four years of undergraduate school, four years of medical school, and three to eight years of internships and residency (okcareerguide). Even after all of the schooling, it is still difficult to become a neurosurgeon. A minimum entry for medical school is three years of college and most people entering already have at least a bachelor’s degree and many have more…

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  • Andreas Vesalius Research Paper

    December 31st, 1514 in the city of Brussels in Habsburg Netherlands which is now Belgium. Andreas was born into a family of physicians and pharmacists, so education was important to him and it inspired him to make his future work on the human body. In which during 1529 - 1533 he attended the University of Leuven and from 1533 to 1536 he went to the University of Paris to study on medical related things; and that's where the revolutionary discovery started . After completion in 1537 of his…

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  • Radiology Personal Statement

    Through fumes of vaporized solder and copper wire, the diode flashed on. After weeks, my Bluetooth stethoscope had finally connected and was working like I had envisioned. The project started with a simple goal of hearing the same murmurs my preceptor heard during a cardiology rotation, but ended up answering an imperative question about my medical future. Radiology is my number one career choice because it incorporates my personal interests and compliments my individual strengths. I am…

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  • Pre-Health Requirements In College Essay

    When society hears a person strive to become a doctor they relinquish a sigh of respect because the environment for a pre-health student is competitive. Many aspects form the intensive four-year plan to ready the individual for a tougher medical school learning process. Therefore, the pre-health requirements in college are essential for building a thorough candidate for the medical field. This knowledge of how a medical school candidate is formed will inform others of the hard work students must…

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  • Importance Of Rush Medical College

    In spring 2016, I went on a mission 's trip with Oral Roberts University to Mercy Multiplied Ministries in Sacramento, California. This ministry is a live-in home with a program for women who have been through difficult situations. Women were there for addictions, abuse, drugs, eating disorders, and so on. All these women had different backgrounds and different stories. Many people could judge them and say that they got themselves into their situations. Many of these women have a completely…

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  • Patagonia Field Course

    1. Why are you interested in the Patagonia field course? Last fall, I was elated to transfer to Cornell from my community college in Ann arbor, Michigan, where I received my Associate Degree in Math and Science. At my previous college, I had so many incredible opportunities to learn about the anatomy, physiology, and obscurities of every phylum, through dissections and field work. As my knowledge and respect for wildlife and conservation grew, I was given the opportunity to be the cartographer…

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