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  • The Importance Of Bigotry

    today’s massive world, we need all the perspectives we can get to understand matters at hand due to the grand scale. All this talk about social philosophies coming from me sounds somewhat uncredible due to the fact that I’m just some skinny asian kid who barely went outside at all. But despite this, I’ve managed to have some impactful experiences in my life that connected to the essay via online gaming. When I was in high school, I was a hardcore gaming nerd. I’d make sure to finish all my work in school so as to allow myself to have a huge amount of time to play games when I got home. I would spend every week, day, hour, minute, and second playing games during my breaks from school. The only time I would step away from my computer would be to tend to my basic human needs such as satiating my hunger, quenching my thirst, relieving myself in the restroom, or letting my eyes rest for a couple hours away from the blinding light of a computer monitor. Spending so much time enveloped in an activity or culture changes you. I was fully versed in gamer subculture from a young age and by the time I reached high school I basically lived online. My ratio of online friends to friends I met in real life was about thirty to one. And I had about sixty or so online friends. Out of those many online friends I grew especially close to a small group of people who I would spend hours upon hours playing a wide variety of games with. Out of this small group, we would often joke around with each…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Esports Vs Sports

    eSports v. Sports: Does Electronic Gaming Deserve to be Considered a Sport? “What type of competitor practices for 10 hours a day, lives in a team house surrounded by other professional players, and is supported by coaches, managers, and corporate endorsements? Answer: professional video gamers.” (Li) If the first thought that popped into your mind was a sports player, you were half right. If you guessed “eSports player”, you were definitely correct. “eSports” is an invented term that means…

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  • The Fastest Growing Industry: The Esports Industry

    involved with gaming tournaments including Blockbuster Video, Nintendo, GamePro Magazines, etc. What 's the first thing that comes to your mind when I say the words "Professional Gamer"? You probably think about some overweight guy in his late 20 's to early 30 's in a basement, unemployed, just playing video games 12 hours a day, and sleeping the other 12. According to ESPN, " more than half of American eSports fans are employed full time, 44 percent are parents and, perhaps most surprising,…

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  • Are Video Games Becoming More Popular Essay

    This kind of discovery means gamers are discovering games from all different types of genres. There are millions of games in the world just ready to be discovered. Gamers strive to find that one game they love and that takes discovery. Discovery can be looking through parents old games to searching the web for that one game that catches your eye. I personally have not found the game of my dreams. Game geeks want to discover a game that consists of all their wants. Ranging from a scary love story…

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  • Gender Stereotypes In The Video Game Industry

    If I told you to picture what you consider to be a gamer, the first image you would come up with is a young boy holding a controller. If I told you to come up with another image, it would be a struggle to imagine another type of gamer, and there’s a reason for that. The target demographic of the gaming industry includes men from age 18 to 34, and the industry goes to great lengths to make them the sole demographic. The sexualized representation of women in games, the backlash from men that…

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  • Gender Stereotypes In Gaming Culture

    How do female gamers navigate the world of gaming culture today? When, so often, that culture is against them. Why are women, for the most part, being ignored and excluded by mainstream game developers? How did gaming culture come to be what it is today? A culture containing sexism and negative as well as stereotypical representations of women. What is a gamer? What is gaming culture? These questions can be answered in the context of game design studies. Gaming culture itself can be seen as a…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Zooniverse

    assessable to student gamers in terms of pacing and engagement. Zooinverse has the most potential of being a stepping stone into the worlds of research, academia, and vocation between the reviewed games by far. In the nature of webpages like Wikipedia, Zooniverse’s gameplay revolves around the use of certain skill sets or critical comprehension to analyze, dissect, discern, or rate projects that use non-fictional, natural, or seemingly historical artifacts and topics. Gamers are then able to…

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  • Video Games Bad Influence

    Do you think video games have bad influences for children? Parents believe their child can become a good person, study a lot, make many friends, stay a healthy, and become a kind person. Many parents think video games interfere with children’s growth because most of the children like to play video game, and they spend a lot of time for playing game. Sometimes, children did not do school assignments, stay in a room and play game long time, and did not help mother at home. In Japanese children,…

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  • Male Vs Female Gamers Essay

    stretch. However, even in 2016, there seems to be a great divide in the gaming world between male and female gamers. It seems to exist partially to ignorance created by what I like to refer to as wacked out misconceptions of the lady gamer. I asked members of gaming groups that I am in, friends, co-workers, and every other random person I could think to ask…”What are some stereotypes you have or have heard about girl gamers?” I was not very surprised with the results; and basically, everyone…

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  • Essay On Women In Gaming

    gaming society. Amongst other great things made possible with feminine involvement “entry into game creation has become more accessible” (Grimes 209). Game creation has become more available to those who may not have been able previously. This goes beyond crafting the game themselves. Game creation also comes in the form of user-generated games. User-generated games take the reviews and opinions of the consumer, making it apart of the game itself. Little Big Planet, one of Grimes examples, lets…

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