Argumentative Essay On Console Games

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THE CONSOLE SLAVE “Filthy Console Peasants” –Tim Wagemaster
The console slave is the opposite of the PC master race. These are the people who only believe in console gaming, nothing else. They believe that computers are a wasted platform for gaming, that because consoles were the original platform for gaming, they are the best. I really do not know too many of these people, but the ones I do know are fairly extreme. Most console gamers play games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, and many other similar games. Because these “console slaves” only play console games, the influx of people who have never even experienced PC gaming is high. This influx of unexperienced, young gamers leads to some “interesting” people, to be discussed later on.
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In many ways this is horrible. One characteristic of a lets player is an extremely large ego. Even though their channel only has 2 subscribers, they might as well have 3 million according to their ego. Many times when a lets player joins a server they immediately want recognition. I fondly remember playing on a Minecraft server back in my early days of gaming and being amazed at how arrogant these people really are. This person joined the server, and within 5 minutes was yelling at everyone because they were not recognized. People were being called selfish and stupid for not knowing about his channel on YouTube. That isn’t even the worst part. These people pretend that their videos are both a priority over the game, and that people should feel privileged for being on a server with the Lets Player. For example, a Lets Player may join a server and immediately tell everyone to shut up. Why would they do that? Well these people don’t want a horrible chat window filling their horrible video. They feel that if anyone speaks during their recording they need to stop recording and restart. If that wasn’t bad enough, most times the Let’s Player will try to make people bargain with it in order to be “featured” on its …show more content…
Nothing is worse than an arrogant person who will not let anyone talk. Of course, although they are extremely annoying, they are insanely funny to annoy. Listening to the screams of a Let’s Player when you interrupt them is one of the best sounds out there. Yet still, even though the enjoyment from them is great, their annoyance still shows through. Imagine being stuck in a room where you were not allowed to speak unless you are complimenting the person who is stuck in there with you. This is similar to the mental pains of a Let’s

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