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  • Chapter 3: The Dangers Of The Cyber World

    Chapter 3: The Cyber World The cyber world or cyberspace is an online environment of computer networks through which you can communicate with other people. It provides users with ways to conduct business and network with other people as easily as they do in the physical world. For example, online shopping has reduced trips to the market and social networking sites allow you to connect with friends staying thousands of miles away. In addition to all the benefits, there are some serious concerns…

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  • Hacktivism By Gary Mckinnon

    hack/code programs. Much of the hacking that he did was entirely done based on curiosity and the…

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  • Persuasive Essay About Social Media

    social networking sites have depression and anxiety. Using social media can be a great way to communicate and interact with new people and to make new friends but now these days, people are misusing it to do stuff that is not right like cyberbullying, hacking, uploading and being exposed to inappropriate content and these things can be led to crimes in people's social…

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  • Xbox 360 Research Paper

    We gave examples of people who bypassed the security system of the PS3 and Xbox 360. However, the ways that the hacking is done is more complex than just creating a homebrew program or using ‘mod’. When it comes to hacking, there are two ways to hack a console. A person can either do a software attack or a physical attack (Eric DeBusschere). Software attacks are when a person takes advantage of a hole in the console or a third party, that manufactured games with a security problem. Until 2011,…

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  • Identity Theft And Cyber Crime

    Computer crime are referred to criminal activity where computer are involved. The computer may be the target of the crime or have been used to commit the crime. Net crime refers to the use of internet to commit the crime. Cyber crime are usually a combination of the two individuals and can be defined as “Offences that are committed against individual or groups of individuals with a criminal motive to intentionally harm the reputation of the victim or cause physical or mental harm to the victim…

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  • Cybercriminals

    phone calls. They were not called hackers, but their actions were considered a practical joke. They were, obviously, fired (Trigaux, 2000). The earliest instance of genuine computer hacking occurred in the 1960s. The next instances of cybercrime could be traced back to the practice of ‘phreaking’, which was hacking into telecommunication systems for the purpose of getting free phone calls. It began in the late 1950s and continued into the 1960s. They built devices called blue, black, and…

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  • Notw Breaching Case Study

    This report presents a discussion and the study on ‘The News of the World’ (NOTW) phone hacking scandal’. The company is involved in scandal and internal and external people are involved in this scandal. The company used to hack voice mails of celebrities, politician, solicitors, high profile people, sport people, relatives of dead UK soldiers and general people. This report will let us know how the company collapsed by taking illegal steps to gain information from the celebrity and other people…

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  • The Cult Of The Dead Cow

    worldwide, they are the activists of a new age; an age where technology is king among other platforms of information. Indifferent and disillusioned by careless claims made in the media, internet activist are revolutionizing the world through internet hacking. Internet activist known as Hacktivists, work to target injustice in politics and corrupt societal ideals. The world’s posterity relies upon Hacktivists groups, and the single click of a computer mouse. The term Hacktivism was coined by the…

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  • P3 Explain The Potential Risks Of E-Commerce Research Paper

    Explain the potential risks to an organization of committing to an e-commerce system Risks 1. Hacking In computer interacting, hacking is any technical effort to operate the normal performance of network links and connected systems. A hacker is any person engaged in hacking. Today, however, hacking and hackers are most commonly associated with malicious programming attacks on the Internet and other networks. Hacking can lead to theft of important information which can be sold to other…

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  • The Dangers Of Cyber Warfare

    It seems every day there is a new headline in the news involving cyber warfare. Across the globe governments and their citizens are being affected by cyber warfare more than ever before. From the Ukraine to America’s very own elections anyone plugged into the internet is impacted by this new and mysterious form of attack. However, it seems to have become overshadowed by the recent presidential election and other major headlines and shoved into the back of the general public’s minds. This issue…

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