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  • Essay On Hacktivism

    As the internet’s ever expansive growth continues, the activity of hacktivist groups advances. Although hacktivists have been targeting different governmental websites and networks, their actions are an act of protest and civil disobedience. In addition, the idea of a hacktivist has become misconstrued by the deceived public. The idea of a hacktivism needs to be made more transparent and the actions of these hacktivist groups need to be made more clear and differed from cybercrime or cyberterrorism. Hacktivism is a way to foster change and protection in the modern world, by allowing those who find themselves without a voice able to speak and messages to be sent across the globe. Hacktivism emerged with the birth of the internet and using computer viruses and worms as means to spread their messages. One of the first instances of early hacktivism was “Worms Against…

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  • The Cult Of The Dead Cow

    The benefactors of the world’s next generation are sitting behind computer screens. Ready to create change worldwide, they are the activists of a new age; an age where technology is king among other platforms of information. Indifferent and disillusioned by careless claims made in the media, internet activist are revolutionizing the world through internet hacking. Internet activist known as Hacktivists, work to target injustice in politics and corrupt societal ideals. The world’s posterity…

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  • Case Study: Anonymous

    block the resources of a computer), information theft, breaches of information, the ?disfigurement? of the websites, typosquatting (when typing the wrong web address, the writer is redirected to a web page rather than the standard page announcing misspelling), etc. Their main belief is that by using technical means can achieve the same results (or better) as in normal social activism. Social networks have spread worldwide hacktivist ideas. Recruitment or planning attacks - everything is going…

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  • Impacts Of Hacktivisms

    With the onslaught of hacking and breaches in privacy by groups ranging from hacker cults to the NSA, individuals and corporations must take steps to protect themselves and their data to prevent any further damage. The impacts of coordinated hacking attacks are widespread and can affect any online services: ranging from PayPal to Sony’s PlayStation Network. A team of hackers, especially one with global support such as Anonymous advocate a policy called “hacktivism”. The concept of hacktivism…

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  • Hacktivism Analysis

    Hacktivism is the act of hacking, or breaking into a computer system, for a politically or socially motivated purposes.The phrase “Hacktivism” originated in 1996 by a hacktivist grouped named “Cult of the Dead Cow” (Denning, 2015, para. 5). Over the last few years, computer hacking has transitioned from being a small collective of computer enthusiast, into huge political platform.The first politically motivated hacking attack has been dated as far as 1987 (Dreyfus, 1997, p.2). This platform has…

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  • Hacktivism By Gary Mckinnon

    In the following paper I will discuss the creative process behind our character, Gary Lamo. There is much significance of the people that were chosen to base our character off of. I will follow with what specific significance this character has in society and how he relates specifically to this course. The main idea that most of the discussion will revolve around the ideas of hacktivism. Our character was specifically based off of two different individuals. The first was Gary McKinnon. Gary…

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  • Malcolm Gladwell Small Change Analysis

    Has social media truly impacted activism? This is a question Malcolm Gladwell answers In his article, “Small Changes”. Gladwell pushes back the notion that social media has helped us become better organizers of protests than we’ve been before and that sites such as twitter are accountable for the surges of uprisings we’ve been experiencing. The core of his argument is that internet activism, while having reinvented social activism, is inefficient in regards to challenging the status quo, and I…

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  • Moral Complexity Of Hackers Essay

    For instance, hacktivists have released bystander’s personal information as a means to punish and call attention to an issue. (Vamosi, “How Hacktivism Affects Us All”) Furthermore, they have attacked those who have not diminished their free speech, but simply oppose their personal views (Vamosi, “How Hacktivism Affects Us All”). Yet, the amount of damage which hacktivists create can vary with the types of attacks; as Dahan states, the attack could be web defacing or crashing the site, entirely…

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  • Brian Mettenbrik Research Paper

    the world of tyranny. When they act, they act solely without direction, which makes targeting and prosecuting the group difficult. Hacktivism, a term coined in 1996, is used to describe the current online movement of using hacking as a form of justice and activism. In these cases, vigilante groups like Anonymous are taking the law into their own hands with ruthless and nondiscriminatory attacks. Professor Nofia Fitri from the National University of Indonesia expresses that “the things that…

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  • The Cyber-Industrial Complex

    that the government is gaining the upper hand. Cavelty says that due to national security concerns, cyber boarders will be created, and in some places already exist (708). Many could argue that China is a country with cyber boarders. She also says that totalitarian countries are using their immense rational-legal authority to create “cyber-sovereignty” to consolidate power (708). The idea of a social movement has been studied in sociology to a great extent. A social movement occurs when a…

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