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    “A women is unstoppable after she realizes she deserves better.” – Anonymous. In the drama, “Fences” the relationship between husband and wife is one to inspect. Rose and Troy are a couple that do not always see eye to eye, yet Rose always looks for the best in him. Even toward the end, although Rose is wants nothing to do with Troy she still takes in his new daughter. A similar relationship can be seen in the short story “Sweat”. The relationship between Deli and Sykes is far from perfect. Deli who works rigidly to make a living since Sykes does not work, yet he belittles Deli for working. Just like “Fences” this couple does not see eye to eye either, yet Deli always turns the other cheek. In “Fences,” August Wilson shows a woman working hard to keep her marriage together and the man wanders; while in “Sweat,” Zora Hurston shows a tough working women doing everything she can do for her husband being pessimistic toward her day in and day out. In the drama “Fences,” Wilson shares the couple Troy and Rose; this couple is about average until we realize that Troy is cheating on Rose. Rose only wants her family to stay close to her. Bono tries to explain this to Troy earlier in the play, Bono says, “Some people build fences to keep people out… She loves you” (Act II Scene I 1864). She tries to get Troy to build a fence, not to keep him in, but to keep others out; such as Alberta. Just as Rose’s name is that of a flower she needs warmth and love of her family. This is because…

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