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  • Advances In Gothic Architecture During The Middle Ages

    The Medieval Ages stated around the fifth century to the early sixteenth century. It was caused by the fall of the Roman Empire in around 476. The dark ages were not really a time of darkness. There were great advancements and inventions during that time. During the Medieval Times, there were many advances in agriculture, science and architecture. Some of the advances include the change of the number system, the change of animals in which they used to farm and the gothic architecture used during…

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  • Why Is Ancient Egypt So Successful

    Egypt The Egyptian people were the most successful ancient civilization. They built amazing pyramids which are huge. Another reason that they were considered the most successful, is that they made amazing art! They also made many important inventions. The Egyptians had great buildings like the pyramid of Giza.They dragged huge blocks across the rocky ground to build the pyramid about 455.4 feet tall. They would put their pharaohs in and under the pyramids when they die out of respect. Art The…

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  • Importance Of Crowns In Ancient Egypt

    In Ancient Egypt, jewelry and crowns were a big part of the Egyptians culture, and were very important to all Egyptians. Many figures were found on jewelry and crowns, the most common ones being animals, plants, gods, and goddesses. There were three main styles of crowns, the Red Crown, the White Crown, and the Double Crown. Crowns were worn in order to display one’s power, status, and authority. Different people wore these crowns, like pharaohs and Ancient Egyptian gods. Unlike crowns, jewelry…

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  • Ani's Journey To Death In The Book Of The Dead

    While the Book of the Dead illustrates a myriad of incredibly vivid scenes to guide ones’ journey to the afterlife, the most iconic and perhaps important of all is the weighing of the heart scene. Upon the passing of a member of the Egyptian elite many important rituals would take place including purification, mummification, and the opening of the mouth ceremony . Once buried the deceased would commence a journey through the ancient Egyptian underworld named Duat and subsequently enter the hall…

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  • Pompeii: Religion Influence Egyptian Culture

    In Pompeii, religion shows an influence Egyptian culture. In particular, the Egyptian goddess Isis, goddess of health, marriage and wisdom, had a notable presence in Pompeii. One of the most notable influences Isis and the Egyptian culture had on Pompeii was the Temple of Isis, erected in devotion to her within the city. The temple was situated near the Large Amphitheatre in the Pompeiian Forum. Source A also shows the influence of Egyptian culture. It depicts a marble statue of Isis, found in…

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  • Rosetta Stone Research Paper

    Rosetta Stone The Rosetta stone is one of the greatest ancient discoveries to ever be found. It has helped humans decipher languages and translate. The stone itself was carved in 196 B.C. and was made for the purpose of translation. When Napoleon, an emperor known for his enlightened view of education, art and culture, invaded Egypt in 1798, he took along a group of scholars and told them to seize all important cultural artifacts for France. Pierre Bouchard, one of Napoleon’s soldiers, was…

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  • Atum's Role In Ancient Egypt

    Atum Atum had a very important role in the everyday lives of the ancient Egyptians. For example since they have Atum they can live in Egypt. The ancient Egyptians believed that Atum was the first god. His role was creation and the first sun god. Also at times he was associated with the Ra, the supreme solar god. Adding on Atum created all of the other gods. So, when Atum did this it gave the Egyptians a chance to have other gods to pray for that specialized in certain things. Like, Horus the…

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  • Great Achievements Are Worth The Great Pyramid Of Giza

    Did you know it took 20 years of slave or worker hard working to make the Great pyramid of Giza? Well it did the working group had to work for most likely more than nine hours of the day for 20 whole years. Great achievements like this are worth the great injustices because they did it so there pharaohs could have a good afterlife, also because they were religious, and Another reason they did it was so they could have a good afterlife as well. Great achievements are worth great injustices…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Moving To The United States

    but sometimes something stops us from going where we want and that is languages. This world has so many languages. It could be more than one language in one country. In Iraq, we have five or six different languages. I was taught only one which was Arabic. Every country is different and their teaching it’s also different. Not every country offers you languages at school and not every time you leave your hometown to come back. I had to start over more than one time, and I was always behind with…

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  • Heliya

    repeat, “Allah Akbar” with their back and neck straight and leveled with the ground in a 90 degree angle. While in this position, the congregates would praise Allah in Arabic, repeating this saying three times. After standing up from this position, the people would bring their arms back beside their hips and recite another Arabic saying once, praising Allah once more. The congregates would then move to the following position called the sajdah, in which they would place their head, knees, and…

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