Gnostic Gospels

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  • My Christian Experience

    why Samaritan’s Purse was my first and only choice for internship this summer because of the ability for growth in organization that has continually shown that Glorying God and spreading the message of the Gospel is of the utmost importance. The ability to learn how to better share the Gospel of Jesus Christ better will enable me to gain a very valuable tool to my skill set to glorify the…

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  • St. Paul: Case Study

    word “peace” (shalom), which means fullness, completion, total well-being, and it is a common greeting even today among the Jewish people. Therefore, this way of greeting people makes of his letters a very important tool for the enculturation of the Gospel and for opening doors in different communities where he preached the good…

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  • Quotes From The Gospel Of Jesus

    gave us His keys, the gospel and He called every one of us to be the faithful steward of the Kingdom. We have a great privilege and responsibility to save lives to be part of building His Church by adding one stone at a time. In Closing, on Pentecost Sunday, the Holy Spirit came down and through powerful preaching of Peter Sunday Church was born as Jesus promised. As Christians gather together on Sundays, they grew in faith and then went out to share the gospel of Christ. The…

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  • Contemporary Leadership Theory, Servant Leadership: Central Textual Analysis

    Background Throughout Bible history, God raises up Peter, a leader who brought His people together and gave them hope and direction to overcome forces of evil that were trying to discourage and divide the believers. A brief discussion about the author, Peter and the audience he addressed provides a background for an inner textual analysis of 1 Peter 5. This analysis is the framework used to enhance the contemporary leadership theory, Servant Leadership. Author Peter was an Apostle sent to…

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  • The Twelve Tribes In The Dispersion

    James specifically designates his writing to “the twelve tribes in the Dispersion” (ESV, James 1:1). This can be taken as a figurative representation of the scattered Gentile church, however, as stated by Robert H. Gundry in A Survey of the New Testament, it is more likely to Jewish Christians living outside Palestine” (Gundry 518). This is defended by the overarching theme of Jewishness throughout the letter. Specific examples of this can be found in the language employed, James 5:4 refers to…

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  • The Son Of God: The Prologue Of John

    The prologue of John differentiates itself from the synoptic gospels. It does not start with the story of Mary and Joseph and the birth of a baby in Bethlehem. Instead it starts with a story of creation. A story readers have heard a similar version of. This unique poetic opening gives us the readers the idea of the limitless power this word has. Scholars refer to this as the Logos theology, which is a fancy way of saying the Word theology. This theology establishes the importance of the divinity…

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  • The Crucifixion: The Dream Of The Rood

    several the Gnostic schools however,the doctrine of these schools was to refute that God, in the form of Christ, had taken human form and were allowed to suffer and die on the cross. The doctrine suggested that, human body is composed of matter, and therefore evil. However, the spirit is eternal ,making the body of Christ, that suffered and died on the cross nothing more than mere illusion. Several the apocryphal Gospels contained such docetic ideas and thought; these included The Gospel…

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  • The Lost Letters Of Pergamum Summary

    Antipas is a member of the elite social class in Rome. He currently lives in Pergamum after brief stays in Caesarea and Tyre. Antipas utilizes his servant, Stachys, to deliver correspondence between Pergamum and Ephesus. Luke is the author of the Gospel of Luke and Acts.…

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  • The Meaning Of God: Accepting The Call

    He has given these gifts to be used for His glory. God desires the gifts to be used to edify the body as you have been called to minister the word in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus to the world and the gift will profit all. It was said by Hoyt, “The impartation of spiritual gifts is intended to qualify for service. Christ gave gifts unto men, but not for the sake of the gift itself, nor for the sake of the men upon…

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  • Exegesis And Epistles Analysis

    Exegesis and Hermaneutics: How to Interpret the Gospels and Epistles Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are the four Gospels which contain the rich history of Jesus ' life, death and Resurrection, which is the Good News that we as His follower 's need to share with other people (New International Version, Matthew 5:14-16). These books were written as eyewitness narratives of Jesus ' miracles and teachings so they are accurate historical records of Jesus ' life and sayings as a man here on earth. The…

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