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  • Henri Nouwen The Wounded Healer Summary

    Purpose The Wounded Healer: Ministry in Contemporary Society is written by Henri Nouwen. Henri Nouwen was much more than an author, he was also a priest, teacher, theologian, and writer who was fluent in five languages. He was born in Holland and became an ordained priest at the age of 25. Nouwen earned a degree in psychology at the Catholic University of Nijmegen and moved to the United states at 32 to continue to further his studies. Eventually, he settled down in Ontario, Canada where he was…

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  • Meditation Of A Prayer Analysis

    Quite frankly, the gospel of Jesus Christ is not meant for entertainment, but empowerment. The grace of the gospel gives us the empowerment to make confession, to be convicted in one’s belief and in the righteousness, redemption and renewal of God. The goodness and the glory of the gospel enables us to love and serve one another as community to know that we do not need to live by violence, but that we…

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  • Commentary On The Movie 'Risen'

    discovers the truth that he 's been seeking. It was a very interesting movie because it was from Clavius’ perspective and it showed the aftermath of the crucifixion. Of the four portraits of Pilot presented in the four gospels, which gospels appears to be closes to Pilot is the Gospel of Matthew because he is no more than the necessary Roman authority for allowing the crucifixion…

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  • The Theme Of Love In The Farewell Discourse

    In the Farewell Discourse, Jesus provides various examples as to what love can be displayed to be. John 15 provides an explicit example in which Jesus provides a reference of love in relation with both vines and branches. Jesus explains to his disciples, “Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit” (John 15:2). By Jesus expressing this statement, he simply states that by having a relationship with God, one…

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  • Narnian Creation Story Summary

    1. Identify four things in the Narnian Creation Story that differ from the traditional Judeo-Christian one. There are several differences between these two creation stories. In the Narnia creation story, a great lion by the name of Aslan is the creator while in the Judeo-Christian one, God is the one who creates the world and everything in it. In the Judeo-Christian creation story, Adam and Eve, created on the sixth day, were God's crown of creation. They had the responsibility of taking care…

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  • Power In Weakness By Sze-Kar Wahn Analysis

    This book review offers a critical analysis and evaluation of Sze-Kar Wan’s book, Power in Weakness: The Second Letter of Paul to the Corinthians. First published in 2000, Power in Weakness, examines 2 Corinthians with a focus on Paul’s rhetorical strategies and the various conflicts Paul has with the church. Before launching into the summary and critique of this book a brief synopsis reveals Wan’s interpretation of 2 Corinthians’ construction. After contextualizing the book, attention turns…

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  • The Impact Of Social Media For Evangelism

    Michael downloaded the Facebook application on his smart phone hoping to connect with some of his old friends. He successfully connected with many old friends from high school and the Army most of which he had not spoken with in years. Instantly, he became a huge fan of social media because of the connection. In fact, he used Facebook daily to track what his friends were doing and even share some old pictures and memories. Facebook tracks everything that users do their website. They track what…

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  • The Ballot Or The Bullet Martin Luther King Speech Analysis

    Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. led the charge of civil rights despite disagreeing with the basic factors of method and intention. Malcolm X’s famous speech The Ballot or The Bullet remains integral to his methods for attaining his goals. King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail communicates his intentions as well as his celebrated methods of civil disobedience. Malcolm X and King often critiqued the other in their work either in speeches or in writing; in his speech, Malcolm X calls attention to…

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  • Reflection On Storied Leadership: Living And Leading From The Christian

    the world should look, and we need to step up and lead the people around us. In order to share the gospel with others, we have to take a look at what God is calling us to do. Leading others consists of knowing what the Christian life looks like, sharing that with others, and staying faithful and truthful in what we say and do. Brian Jensen and Keith Martel did a wonderful job of explaining the gospel in their book Storied Leadership: Living and Leading from The Christian Narrative. They started…

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  • Wheeler And Whaley: An Analysis

    The overall premise of Wheeler and Whaley’s The Great Commission to Worship is that worship and evangelism are not to be isolated from each other. Worship and evangelism go together and they impact how the believer is to live out the commandment of the Great Commission. Wheeler and Whaley make the assertion that evangelism and worship have been misunderstood, misinterpreted, and misapplied, and offer suggestions to fix this problem. The ultimate purpose of the Christian, according to Wheeler…

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