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  • Analysis Of The Parable Of Morals

    parable take verse twenty nine as the core of the story. However, doing this is to miss the risky decision of the other two servants, which represent most major themes of the Christian faith: to take care of one another, trust, being witness of the Gospel, hope, and giving the whole self to God; this cannot be understood or be lived without…

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  • The King Jesus Did Jesus Preach Paul's Gospel

    The King Jesus Gospel gets right to the point, we live in a salvation culture world. We need the Gospel culture to return. The true Gospel is Jesus, His story, which is every story. The story of the Bible and Scripture does not exist without Jesus. The story of Israel is completed in Jesus. In the beginning was God, He made a temple, we call it Earth. He made mankind to govern this temple, we failed. The first Adam fell, he was unable to fulfill his purpose. Throughout history many others…

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  • Creature Of The Word Analysis

    by the Gospel. The Gospel, as defined by the authors, is, “God’s reconciling work in Christ-that through the life, death, and resurrection of Christ, God is making all things new both personally for those who repent and believe, and cosmically as He redeems culture and creation from its subjection to futility” (7,8). Chapter one begins with the claim that the church as a whole has lost sight of what the Gospel really is. The church cannot be fulfilled, or successful, apart from the Gospel; the…

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  • The 95 Theses Analysis

    The presidential election in the United States this year has clearly showed us how divided this country is. Hundreds if not thousands are concerned with the uncertainty we will have over the next four years with a new president. As a result of the election results people are concerned, troubled, and living in fear because of all the threats the president elect made on the campaign trail. They are worried his threats may one day become a reality. Over the next four years we are living in days…

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  • Babylonian Religion

    There is still a world full of people that need to hear the Gospel of Christ. However, through the passage of time the religion known as Islam has become a predominant religion controlling the spread of the Gospel over many boarders. Unfortunately if Islam is not the issue then communism is as it controls many countries. Hinduism is also an issue; it is a very violent religion reminiscent…

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  • Ephesians: The Role Of Prayer

    itself, but because of the person behind the prayer. In Ephesians 6, Paul describes the full armor of God: the sword of the Spirit, the belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, the helmet of salvation, and our feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of truth. But above all he ends with prayer. In verse 18 Paul says, “And pray in the Spirit on all occasions.” Not only does Paul say to pray all the time but frequently asked for prayer for himself because he knew the power behind the…

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  • Christianity In The Early Church Essay

    reveal the missions and their methods and purposes of Christianity in the early church? As we look at the mission of Peter that led to his martyrdom, one quickly see the Holy Spirit empowering him as revealed in Acts 2:1-4. Peter was preaching the gospel with confidence, conviction and compassion. As he carried the word of God, he drew crowds of thousands of new believers to Christianity, he was healing the blind, standing up to leaders of the opposition. As he carried out his mission Peter…

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  • Pastor Keller The Meaning Of Marriage

    those outside of that family, and the power to correctly do so. In Pastor Timmothy Keller 's book, the meaning of Marriage, Pastor Keller says "Christian hope turns the church into something far more profound than a club or interest organization. Gospel beliefs and experience creates a bond between Christians that is stronger than any other connection, whether it be blood relationship or racial and national identity" To paraphrase deeper into kellers thoughts, deeply repenting and benifiting…

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  • Church Of Latter-Day Saints: A Personal Analysis

    instruction as to how to gain a such a testimony. He begins by saying that one must “First, you must search the word of God. That means reading the scriptures and studying the words of the ancient as well as modern prophets regarding the restored gospel of Jesus Christ—not with an intent to doubt or criticize but with a sincere desire to…

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  • Essay On Pre Modernism

    expansion of the Christian message? Conversely, based on your reading and understandings, what disadvantages did pre-modernism have on the Christian faith? How did pre-modernism hurt Christianity. I think back then what was most helpful to the Christian Gospel were some of the formats in the church assembly and sound faith in God. During the pre-modernism period they were dominant in the Western culture and distractions were controlled. Their primary epistemology was based upon revealed…

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