Luke's View Of Salvation

There are various perceptions of salvation; including what it is and how it can be attained. In one of the most widely quoted passages of Acts, Luke lays out his belief of how salvation is found. He says: “Salvation is found in no-one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:12). This research undertakes a critical analysis of this biblical verse with a view to understanding and showing what its author might have meant and the verse’s implication for the contemporary Christians.

The message of salvation being presented by Luke comes at a time when Peter (together with John) had been arrested, detained overnight, and brought before the Sanhedrin the following day.1
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Luke was clearly using this passage of Scripture to demonstrate to the people in no uncertain terms where salvation comes from. According to him, salvation comes from Jesus whom the Jews crucified. Luke wanted to demonstrate to the Sanhedrin as well as all Jews that Jesus was still alive and that it was only in his name that salvation came.3
The Jews had crucified Jesus believing that killing him would bring an end to his power and influence.4 However, Luke appears to be informing them that by killing Jesus they actually succeeded in spreading his influence and possibly increasing his power (it resided in those who believed). Luke must have wanted to use the healing of the cripple to demonstrate the saving power and grace of Jesus. He wanted the Jews to know that while they thought they had killed Jesus, he had risen and his power was now operational in all mortal men who believed in
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This means that the message of Luke finds widespread application among Christians today. Just like in the Age of the Apostles, the modern days are so full of heresies on and opposition to the teachings about salvation. Many people, including some who purport to be Christians, have no idea about what salvation is or where it comes from. Some still think that salvation is the same as baptism while others follow teachings to the effect that being religious is the same as being saved.
Just as Luke intended to tell the believers and non-believers of the time, salvation only comes through the name of Jesus.19 He is the same Jesus who healed many people during his earthly mission; and the same one who had saved many others long during the days of the prophets and even as early as during the flight of Israel from Egypt. The same saving power of Jesus that rescued the Jews from the oppressive hand of pharaoh of Egypt is the same one that can heal cripples today. The only difference is that this power now resides in believers (Christians) unlike in the past when it resided in heaven (during the days of the law) or within in Christ himself during his earthly ministry.20 Today’s people, including those who purport to be ‘saved’, may have more inadequacies that even those of the Age of the Apostles. Therefore, the message of Luke applies

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