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  • The Jews And Gentiles In Paul's Letter To The Romans

    The letter to the Romans was written by Paul in order to address and clarify his theology. Paul wanted the Romans to have a clear understanding of his Gospel which was from God. The Letter was written around fifty five and fifty eight AD (Gorman 340). Around this time it was believed that Claudius expelled the Jews because of their fighting regarding “Chrestus” a debate about the Messiah (Gorman 340). With the Jews gone the Gentiles took over the Roman church and advanced their leadership skills…

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  • Personal Narrative: Christians Should Be Living Witnesses

    and his lifestyle, saying things such as “Disgusting” and “I can’t even eat my meal any more I lost my appetite”.Now I have known this family friend for 3 years, and he was always trying to teach me and make me feel more comfortable with sharing the gospel, but…

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  • Mount Vernon Baptist Church: Monthly Prayer Calendar

    Let us Pray… Day 1: For the world in which we live and breathe: pray that we would be wise and compassionate stewards of our Father’s World. Pray for Christians around the world: that together we will be faithful witnesses of the Gospel and the kingdom of God. Day 2: For our World: that our leaders may govern wisely, recognizing their need for God’s guidance and that as citizens we may live responsibly, seeking justice and righteousness, fulfilling the divine purpose of…

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  • History Vs Human Jesus

    what become rather complex and un-simple questions. The Jesus of history leads to what can be said about the human Jesus. Meeting Jesus AGAIN for the First Time, by Marcus J. Borg, explains what history has to offer us about the human Jesus. The Gospels are historical documents that provide us with much of the information that we know about the human Jesus today. History can tell us who Jesus…

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  • Christianity In South American Culture

    in other ways according to their values and virtues. For this reason, Christians must contextualize the gospel explaining it in relevant ways to those to whom they seek to minister. They must realize Christ works in all cultures and seek to communicate the hope they have in a way that displays the significance of Christ 's death and resurrection. While it may seem appealing to convey the gospel in an ethnocentric way based on one 's own culture this often fails to attract others. Dean Flemming…

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  • The New Testament By Ehrman Chapter Summaries

    described as the compassionate healer, and do not describe him as angry. Ehrman argues that Mark 1:41 had originally stated that Jesus got angry when the outcasted leper had asked him to heal him. Ehrman also mentions that in another part of Mark’s Gospel, Jesus gets angry when it came to the matter of healing (133-138). This difference in text leaves the reader wondering what caused Jesus to be angry. Was it outcasted leper that angered him or the fact there are harm full diseases in the world?…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Mission Trip To Guatemala

    I have experienced much grace through the trouble and poverty I have witnessed through my mission trips to Guatemala. I went to Guatemala June 9-16, 2014, and August 4-11, 2015 (and I plan on going back August 2016). Seeing the conditions these people live in daily, has helped me take to heart the kind of help they are in need of. Many of these people have no home, no family or no money to provide for their family, yet they are still thankful. Most of the time little boys and girls won’t have…

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  • John 11 34-37 Analysis

    Introduction to The Gospel of John and John 11:34-37 And He said, “Where have you laid him?” They said to Him, “Lord, come and see.” Jesus wept. Then the Jews said, “See how He loved him!” And some of them said, “Could not this Man, who opened the eyes of the blind, also have kept this man from dying?” (John 11:34-37) “Jesus wept”, in itself, is the shortest verse in the entirety of the Bible. It is two words, which in a sense, have never been said prior to this moment. Two words that may…

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  • Book Of Jonah Essay

    a. Identify the general materials of the book. The book of Jonah is principally concerned with biographical (Jonah and Yahweh). 1. Jonah’s commission to preach to Nineveh, and his flight and deliverance (Jonah 1:1) “Now the word of the Lord came to Jonah…” (1:1) 2. Jonah’s commission to preach to Nineveh, and his compliance and anger (Jonah 3:1) “Now the word of the Lord came to Jonah the second time…” (3:1) b. Locate the major units and subunits in the book and identify the major structural…

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  • Gospel Of Luke 19: 1-51 Essay

    SYNOPTIC GOSPELS Study on the Gospel of Luke “Luke 19:1-10” Submitted by Finny Achankunju Submitted to Pr. Parimal Christian Jameson School of Theology A Study on Luke 19:1-10 Zacchaeus - “The Tax Collector” The passage for today’s thought is from Luke 19: 1 to 10 Background – Gospel of Luke The Gospel of Luke is one of four Gospels in the Holy Bible and is the third book presented in the New Testament. The author of this Gospel, Luke, was an associate of the Apostle Paul and…

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