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  • Value Claim Peer Review: Tobacco Industry

    tobacco companies have been using ads with tricky tactics to enhance a teenager’s interest in smoking. When it comes to the Federal Trade Commission, they state that, “advertising must be truthful and nondeceptive…advertisers must have evidence to back up their claims…and advertisements…

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  • Birth Control Pills For Women

    Throughout history, women have been constantly held back from progressing in many of the same things men have gained so easily. Men have always been able to choose the life they want and have been accepted with anything they do. Up until about 40 years ago, women were expected to be a stay-at-home-mom and perfect homemaker, while their husbands where the true base of their relationship providing financial stability necessary for living comfortably. In the 1960’s, the American Food and Drug…

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  • Community Of Faith In My Life

    My parents moved to Dallas before they got married, which was at least ten years before I was born. My whole life I lived six hours away from the rest of my family. As the youngest grandkid, by the time I was old enough to remember, my grandparents were getting too old. It became harder for them to travel, so they rarely came to see my swim meets or orchestra concerts, and on the holidays we had to travel to them. Since I didn’t have extended family close by, my friends became my family. My…

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  • Kpop Women

    The first impression one would usually get after watching K-pop music videos that it feels very commercial. Commercial not in the sense that is a profitable business, which indeed it is. In fact, Hallyu, also known as K-pop is becoming one of South Korea’s largest exports (Leong). Therefore, there is a national effort to maintain this profitable brand. First, it is important to understand that K-pop is not just lyrics and melody, it is also about the beautiful people who perform these lyrics. So…

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  • Glee Language Analysis

    Endah Siti Nurohmah Investigation of gay language This section contains quantitative analysis of language features of homosexual characters in Glee season 3. This analysis is based on Fiscus’s method, which is to count some features of language that stereotypically belongs to women language and men language. The features include hedges, intensifiers, oh my god/like, taboo words, gonna, and guys/man. Lexical hedges and intensifiers are suggested by Lakoff as women linguistic features (Holmes,…

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  • Identity Crisis In Jhumpa Lahiri's 'Diaspora'

    problem of an Indian couple, but had it been the case all over the world. All women have felt the same way because the loss of a baby is an irreparable loss for a mother. Similarly, if a wife or a husband gets immersed into something very much and the needs of the husband or the wife take a back seat, then frustration is likely to be there in the relationship. In “Mrs. Sen” Mr. Sen has no time for his wife and her needs and that results in frustration. And in “This Blessed House” Twinkle bothers…

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  • A Short Story: A Partnership Is Formed?

    "Well, use your head, son," he said, smiling. Which really meant, "That's all I'm going to tell you," or "I don't know the answer, so don't embarrass me." A Partnership Is Formed The next morning, I told my best friend, Mike, what my dad had said. As best I could tell, Mike and I were the only poor kids in this school. Mike was like me in that he was in this school by a twist of fate. Someone had drawn a jog in the line for the school district, and we wound up in school with the rich kids. We…

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  • Examples Of Passive Aggressive Personality

    Passive-Aggressive Personality How do you know you are dealing with a passive-aggressive person? An ancient Chinese proverb describes passive-aggressive behavior as “a fist hiding behind a smile.” The NYU Medical Center defines a passive-aggressive individual as someone who, uncensored, "may appear to be sympathetic.” However, after considerable reflection, the realization finally arises that they are really doing more for themselves than anyone else. A passive-aggressive is a personality…

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  • Okhotny Ryad Shopping Center Case Study

    provide UB City the remarkable prospect of offering virtually unlimited car parking space. Other highlights at UB City include an 800 seater Amphitheatre, internationally famed Oakwood Serviced Residences along with a Day Spafrom Angsana. To ensure your taste buds are also taken off, UB City is home to various cuisines ranging from Italian to Chinese, apart from Indian & Japanese options too. UB City set heads rolling when it was first announced & till date continues to dazzle. From being voted…

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  • The Girls Next Door Case Study

    After years of steering clear of sexually explicit material in favor of the frisky but softer content favored by Hugh Hefner, Playboy has embraced hardcore pay-per-view programming and has launched the hard porn channels, Spice and Vivid. In the beginning the shift proved beneficial to Playboy as in 2001 the TV production had higher margins (26%) than the magazine ones (2%) and the television business made up 45% of the revenues (Business Week, 2002). Thus, Playboy decided to expand even further…

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