Definition Of Beauty Begins With You Essay

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Beauty Begins With You

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. I believe beauty is evolving and therefore there is no true definition. However, I think beauty should be beyond superficial and materialistic - it should be internal – what’s skin deep. Our qualities make us beautiful since it’s what truly defines who we are. I think beauty should be compared to happiness rather than appearance because after all, when we are happy, we are able to see beauty in ourselves and in others that we normally don’t recognize. Unfortunately, I think society plays a major role in setting the beauty standard so harshly that we have become critical about every detail of our appearance. We no longer think of ourselves as beautiful due to lack of self-acceptance by allowing society to dictate what we should look like.
A friend of mine, Nghiep Nguyen, who is twenty-four, struggled with self-acceptance because he was overweight and felt self-conscious for many years. In detail, he explained what beauty was to him and told me how he overcame his fear of individuality. Nghiep believes “beauty isn 't something superficial or eye-catching, it’s something that stands out on its own like the black swan in the group of white swans.” He says
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He is in his early thirties and owns a food truck in San Francisco called Slider Shack. I questioned Niko about his insight on beauty. He pondered for quite some time and said, “If we focused less on our physical flaws and focused more on our strengths, we would feel and be beautiful to ourselves.” He says that when he’s healthy, he feels happy and energetic and that’s what makes him feel good. He also talks about being in solitude has helped him understand himself more and learn what is beauty to him. He explains, “I sat in my thoughts. I reflected on my personal life, pain, and happiness. But, through these thoughts, I found beauty in each experience because it has shaped who I

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