The Negative Effects On Social Media And Body Image

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What is the definition of beauty? Is the word thin or muscular in that description? What would one do to achieve that description? One of the largest issues in the world today would be the impact that the internet has on people. Social media today is negatively impacting and influencing the way people look at themselves; the idea of having the “perfect” body can be a damaging physical and mental chain of events.
Social media can cause numerous of physical damages to both men and women in today’s society. Body image is how people picture and view their bodies, as well as how someone else sees them. “The health of our nation 's adolescents is at risk from eating disorders” (, 2016). Starting at a young age we are exposed to what
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Images of thin, beautiful women and muscular, wealthy men form stereotypes for many that have led to a decline of self acceptance. Many of the images portrayed by the media shape individuals to think that thin is beauty and most will attempt by all means to achieve it. Teenagers (mostly women) on social media experience body shame, body dissatisfaction, weight dissatisfaction, lower body esteem and higher levels of depression. The internet and other similar sources like magazines can have a negative effect on the mindset of a human being. For example, many people at a certain point in their life has looked into a magazine and wondered why they were not created or structured like the celebrity shown. Young women who spend an ample amount of time connected to the media feel pressure to look a particular way, or do their makeup a certain way to be accepted. A main concern for negative body image would be advertisements. Advertisers surround us with ideal imagine of female beauty so that we all know how important it is for a woman to be beautiful and what it takes. Women learn from a very early age that we must spend enormous amounts of time and money struggling to achieve this ideal and feeling ashamed and guilty when we fail. Most advertisements that are in the market for dietary pills show fit and toned models to get the audience to purchase the product with the mentality that they too can look like that. However, most companies who provide false advertisements do not realize the impact that it can have on the buyer. Consequently, when the person who purchased the product sees no result, their self-esteem will dramatically diminish because the hope that they had to have the “perfect” body failed. They are once again with the unhealthy mentality that they are not desirable. For example, “Noelle Smith was 10 when she first asked her parents if she was fat. At 20,

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