Causes Of Insecurities Essay

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The main enemy for a teen that people don’t always see are insecurities. The lack of self confidence or the fear of not only how teens see themselves, but the way in which others perceive them as well. Insecurities latch a hold on high school teenagers and could stay with them as they move into adult hood. The everyday pressures that teens face cause insecurities in both girls and boys. These insecurities then drive those teens to react in dangerous ways, causing huge problems. Teens are struggling with their body image, Teens see themselves as less valuable due to the desire to fit in, and teens face academic pressure creating an insecurities. Both adelesent girls and boys struggle with their self image, and social media doesn’t necessarily help. Social media such as Twitter and Facebook causes girls to feel insecure due to feeling the pressures of wanting to look a certain way. Young teenage girls fixate on body image such as being beautiful and skinny, which then leads them to feel depressed about how they see themselves. When teenage girls sees pictures of models on twitter, they create a fantasy to look exactly like them in their head. …show more content…
There are long lasting effects deriving from insecurities such as the struggle with body image or trying to fit in with the “cool” crowd. These insecurities cause teens to live their lives with fear. Insecurities consume teenagers, and eventually controls their every move. Insecurities diminish the confidence in teens, which creates a major problem in society because it inhibits them from living their life to the fullest. Insecurities take hold of young adelescents and can even stay with them as they move into into adulthood. The plague of insecurites are flooding the mind of our youth and does much harm to our society. It’s scary to see teenagers questioning their self worth due to insecurities because it prohibits them from living up to their full

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