Social Media Effect On Young Women At Hooter Inc.

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Giving A HOOT About Your Money And Looks

Today, our society has accepted the fact that they’re marketing over Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, etc. (Wright, 2010). The purpose of this study is to analyze women who work at Hooter Inc. to see if they are affected by social media, which focuses on consumer behaviors and the way they perceive their body image.
Hooters Inc. began April fool’s day in 1983 because six businessmen in Clearwater, Florida wanted a place to go to that would be more appealing to them with good finger food, drinks, sports, and pretty girls to look at (Hooter, 1983). That’s how they came up with the concept of Hooters, which mocked their favorite hangout spot, yet made it big as an international company (Hooters, 1983).
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There has been research done on the way social media has an effect on young women’s body image concerns (Perloff, 2014). It states that through social media and what is seen by young women, it may obtain considerable evidence that media effects on thinness ideals and body disapproval does have an effect (Perloff, 2014). Furthermore, the study on Social media effects on young women’s body image concerns is also about social comparisons through mass media in young women. It relates to Hooter Employees and this study because it pertains information about eating healthy and purchasing good healthy foods that links to consumer behavior as well as body image (Perloff, 2014). Findings relevant to this study, women who read magazines about beauty in fashion magazines were more likely to change and improve themselves- in example to “make myself a more interesting person,” and to “lift my spirits and make me feel happy” (Thomsen, McCoy, Gustafson, and Williams, …show more content…
When thinking of what it takes to become a Hooter girl, one may automatically think that such a person should have big breasts, be beautiful, and obtain long hair that’s worn down (Rasmusson, 2011). Hooter girls symbolizes what would be considered the girl next door (Hooters, 1983). A social influence for purchasing behaviors reflects on friends, family, and relatives as it affects and shapes individuals (Gunawan and Huarng, 2015). Through of social media, information is easily accessible with a click of a button (Lee and Carlson, 2015). These platforms give online users the resource to search and view items of interests, which may cause the Hooter Employees to be more susceptible to online shopping through viewing an online application (Lee and Carlson, 2015). The factors we can use for consumer behavior is “online usuage, strategic use and outcomes, online communities and networks, Internet segmentation and demographic” (Cummins, 2014)
Research Question: How does social media influence the perception of body image amongst Hooters employees and how does it affect their consumer behavior?
This research hasn’t been done yet because one hasn’t focused on Hooter employee’s, yet there have been other studies on just consumer behavior and body image due to social media. The reason why this study

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