Body Standards Research Paper

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Hook: Ninety percent of fifteen to seventeen year old girls who want to change at least one aspect of their physical appearance.
Thesis : Social media sets body standards for young women, causing them major issues among themselves and other.
Social body standards bring women’s self-esteem low.
They help develop eating disorders among women who aren 't satisfied with their own bodies.
High expectations of how young women should look causes bullying in person and or online.
First Body Paragraph : Society sets unrealistic body standards for young women ,causing them to have low self-esteem.
According to the article “Body Image and Self-Esteem Among Adolescent Girls” it states that “body image is central to adolescent girls’ self-definition,
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Geetanjali Gunanathan stated in “Media and Its Affect on Self-Esteem" that because media persuades women to think that the average girl should be 110 pounds and a size 2 it makes them feel bad about their own body image.
Giving young women unrealistic standards makes them conscious of themselves and leads them into disliking their bodies.
“There is now growing empirical support for the proposition that idealized portrayals of women in the Western media have a negative impact upon how adolescent girls and adult women see themselves” (Clay 453)
The ideal body standard has a negative impact on women therefore could potentially lead to a decrease in self esteem.
Second Body Paragraph : Not only does society standards bring girls’ self-esteem down, it leads them to develop eating disorders harming themselves.
“ Like body-image disturbance, disordered eating as an outcome of thin-ideal media exposure,” (Harrison 81).
Because of social media exposure of the “ideal” body being thin, pretty, etc., many teens have developed eating disorders in order to achieve the body standards seen in social
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“A majority of people believe their body is not acceptable or that it is flawed,” (Vitelli)
Most people think they aren 't good enough because the people they see in the media are considered perfect.
Young women take in consideration what social media presents to them ,which has a negative toll on them considering the body image standards they are shown.
Women are given unrealistic body image standards disliking their bodies because of the ones they see in social media.
Eating disorders have increased among young women because they have more desire to look like the models shown in the advertisement in the media.
Cyberbullying and bullying are a way young people release the insecurities they have about themselves on others based off of their own body.
Conclusion : To conclude social media has set very unrealistic body image standards for young women that it causes a major effect on them. They are on a constant doubt whether they are good enough or they need to change. Along with developing eating disorders only harming themselves. To the point that they also bring each other down based off of their own

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