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  • Dreamworlds Film Analysis

    Dreamworlds is a film that analyzes the roles that sex and power play in today’s music videos. This film wastes no time diving into the subject and immediately begins to display popular music videos from all types of genres. Whether it’s pop, rock, hip-hop, rap, or country, nothing stops the music industry from displaying sexualized images of women and male sexual dominance. This film did an extraordinary job of describing and depicting the sexual imagery, and the trend in themes of modern…

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  • Satire In Feed

    modern pop music. “Their hit single “Bad Me, Bad You”: “ I like you so bad/And you like me so bad./We are so bad/It would be bad/ If we did not get together, baby,/ Bad baby, Bad, bad baby. /Meg bad”…” (15). There is clearly no real depth or insight in these lyrics, which is why it parodies many of the songs today, for example Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy…

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  • The Role Of Tattoos In The 21st Century

    According to the research by Pew, 17% people have regrets after getting their tattoo, but there are about 29% of people who feel rebellious and sexy after getting a tattoo (Carlsen 2014). However there are many who consider tattoo as a form of art and personal expressions, using their body to tell a story like Johnny Depp, who said his body is his diary and his tattoos are his stories (2013).…

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  • Irvin Yalom Love's Executioner Analysis

    Love’s Executioner Irvin Yalom, the author of Love’s Executioner and Other Tales of Psychotherapy, is a book about ten different clients and their stories. In each chapter, Yalom discusses the time spent with each client in therapy. He uses this book to give people an insight into what he faced as a therapist. My purpose of this paper is to give an overview of the theories he used throughout the book, and point out a few of the times each theory was used. Throughout Love’s Executioner, Irvin…

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  • Gender Roles In Judy Brady's I Want A Wife

    are usually heard during childhood, when the children are growing and starting to form their own thoughts. But what do they mean? These phrases are just examples of gender roles that society makes the public conform to. Gender roles, which are ways your gender is supposed to act, have been a part of society for a long time, and only in the recent years has the topic been discussed in greater detail. Problems with gender roles include the promotion of judgement, oppression of females, and erasure…

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  • Characteristics Of Gender Binaries

    (Haarr & Morash, 2013). Statistically found by Haarr and Morash (2013) one-fourth of female lawyers face sexual harassment from their colleagues at work who are male. Same goes for females who work in the mining jobs, they are either called names like 'sexy ', 'hunnies ' which is also called gender disparagement or are being touched sexually by some of the men who works there. Examples of male dominated industries that women face these stigmas are, construction work, police force, law firm,…

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  • Value Claim Peer Review: Tobacco Industry

    tobacco companies have been using ads with tricky tactics to enhance a teenager’s interest in smoking. When it comes to the Federal Trade Commission, they state that, “advertising must be truthful and nondeceptive…advertisers must have evidence to back up their claims…and advertisements…

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  • Birth Control Pills For Women

    Throughout history, women have been constantly held back from progressing in many of the same things men have gained so easily. Men have always been able to choose the life they want and have been accepted with anything they do. Up until about 40 years ago, women were expected to be a stay-at-home-mom and perfect homemaker, while their husbands where the true base of their relationship providing financial stability necessary for living comfortably. In the 1960’s, the American Food and Drug…

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  • Community Of Faith In My Life

    My parents moved to Dallas before they got married, which was at least ten years before I was born. My whole life I lived six hours away from the rest of my family. As the youngest grandkid, by the time I was old enough to remember, my grandparents were getting too old. It became harder for them to travel, so they rarely came to see my swim meets or orchestra concerts, and on the holidays we had to travel to them. Since I didn’t have extended family close by, my friends became my family. My…

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  • Kpop Women

    The first impression one would usually get after watching K-pop music videos that it feels very commercial. Commercial not in the sense that is a profitable business, which indeed it is. In fact, Hallyu, also known as K-pop is becoming one of South Korea’s largest exports (Leong). Therefore, there is a national effort to maintain this profitable brand. First, it is important to understand that K-pop is not just lyrics and melody, it is also about the beautiful people who perform these lyrics. So…

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