Bird Cage Essay

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Oppression has been around for a long time since the start of the United States, and there are still modern day “bird cages” that trap individuals into certain duties. A “bird cage” of oppression in today’s world is the role of women in the US. Women back in the day were seen as the weaker gender that stayed at home, cooked food, and took care of kids. Now in 2015, not much has changed in the minds of America. There has still not been a female president, it is hard to climb the ranks in the military as a female, and many more underrated roles of women. The bars or barriers of the “bird cage” start with the biology of each gender. Naturally men tend to be taller and wider than women, basically guys are bigger than girls. Males dominant every …show more content…
Women of all countries should have equal freedom to men, they should not have their freedom locked up in a “birdcage.” The next bar is the way media portrays women. In movies and other media, women are the sexy objects the men want. Women are not objects that are just used for sexual intercourse. If men were to take the sexual possession role that women have, it would be a joke and no one would be taken seriously. Women are also seen as the weak characters in the movies, they always have to be the one that is saved. All the mainstream superheroes are men like: Spiderman, Superman, Batman. Women can be strong as well both emotionally and physically. The final bar that keeps women in a barrier is in the head of each individual. Many people question if women can really do better than men. So what if a female is leading the nation, the country is not a bunch of elementary school students embarrassed that a girl is better than a boy. The world is quickly changing and I believe that women will play a larger role in the future, and that they deserve to be let out of their “bird cage” with bars that trap their potential to change the

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