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  • The Comorian Culture

    Adam Rodriguez II Fn 228.01 Comoros History of the Culture The history of the Comorian people dates back to sixth century AD, in which there was an influx of Arab, Austronesian and African people that settled on the Islands by arriving on boat (Chapin Metz, 1994). These original settlers were followed by people for all over the African continent such as the coast, Persian gulf as well as Madagascar. Originally each island housed one village that was central to it, but as time progressed and the…

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  • Sahar Khalifeh's Analysis

    From the mid-19th century to present, strong tensions have existed between the Jewish and Palestinian peoples of the middle east due to the existence of the Israeli state in the majority of the area that formerly consisted of Palestine. Historically, tensions have been centered around the displacement and perceived mistreatment of Palestinians, who have lived in masses as refugees throughout the Middle East since the War of 1948 ended with the formation of Israel. Sahar Khalifeh is a Palestinian…

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  • Relinquish Dbq Case Study

    In 1947, the British government was frustrated. They had spent significant time and resources trying to find an acceptable solution to their problems in Mandatory Palestine. Things were getting so bad that the British foreign secretary was quoted as saying “The Arabs, like the Jews, [had] refused to accept any of the compromise proposals which HMG had put before both parties.”1 Instead of a compromise, tensions were rising. Britain was facing an increase in Jewish terrorism, significant pressure…

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  • Egyptian Mythology Research Paper

    central belief nor a code to follow. This essay will connect Egyptian Mythology to all 8 thresholds and to the future, as well as tying in recurring ideas, symbols and figures. Egypt is located in the northern part of Africa, between Libya and the Gaza Strip and borders the Mediterranean Sea. Unfortunately, Egypt has natural hazards like periodic droughts, frequent earthquakes, flash floods, landslides, windstorms called khamsin,…

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  • Western Influence On The Middle East

    Western Powers have been known to exert their authority amongst each continent of the world. The Middle East is not exempt from such, and has a history involving America, Britain, France and Russia. In order to assess the influence of these powers, the following essay will analyse how they shaped Middle Eastern politics from the eventful years of 1914 until 1990. This will be done by looking at the continuities and the discontinuities in Western policies towards the Middle East, starting from…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Intifada

    One might say I’ve experienced my share of fright, heartache, and disappointment in life. Born in 1940 in Berlin, Germany to a very strict Jewish family, it seemed as though my life was destined to be like any other European Jew at that time: deathly persecution by the ever-present population of anti-semites in Europe. Shortly after the Adolf Hitler rose to power in 1933, my parents, older sister, and I fled to live with my great aunt in Barcelona, Spain. Looking back on that event, I consider…

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  • The Importance Of The Six-Day War

    The Six-Day War, a short conflict pitting Israel against Egypt, Jordan, and Syria, was a decisive Israeli victory that stretched from the 5th through the 10th of June, 1967. Despite the short duration of the war, Israel greatly improved their military reputation worldwide, as well as gained significant territory within the region. While controversial in that Israel launched a preemptive strike against nations that had yet to engage, the Israeli tactics highlighted the importance of quick,…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Four Paradigms Used In An American Counterterrorism Strategy

    American Counterterrorism Strategy Is terrorism a problem in the United States? What strategy does the United States use to combat terrorism? What are some of the paradigms used in an American counterterrorism strategy? How does international terrorism affect American counterterrorism strategy? What events in our countries past affect what techniques we use today? What is the future going to hold for the United States and is homegrown terrorist going to play a more significant role in the United…

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  • Levels Of Conflict Analysis

    Final Exam Essays 1. Beginning with a discussion of the levels of analysis of conflict, identify the main empirical factors that contribute to international conflict according to Quackenbush. Also, discuss how the political aspect of war (Gray and Clausewitz) interacts with these factors to produce volatility in the international system. Discuss two wars of your choice within this context, identifying how each empirical factor played a role as well as the political nature of the onset and…

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  • The Bosnian Conflict Analysis

    Bosnia/Former Yugoslavia The Bosnian Conflict is a conflict with two parts, one included an armed conflict that took place in Bosnia and Herzegovina; another is the Bosnian Genocide of the Bosniak people. The Conflict was caused in part by the splitting of Yugoslavia, during the early 1990s near the end of the cold war. The Bosnian Genocide coincided with Bosnian War, the genocide was a mass killing or ethnic cleansing of the Bosniak people and their culture, which occurred shortly after the…

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