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  • Who Is Napoleon Bonaparte Still Alive?

    To have a name which lights at least a little tiny spark of interest from almost every human being on Earth, is a talent that not many people have much claim to. If he was still alive, there is barely any doubt that Napoleon Bonaparte would be very proud. Bonaparte, who died close to two hundred years ago, still seems to be in the land of the living. This man changed the course of history, shaping the world into what it is today. All of this may sound as though he were some kind of priest, but…

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  • Charlemagne: The Reign Of Emperor Of The West

    Emperor of the West, was born at Salzburg, in Bavaria about 742, and jointly with his brother Karloman, succeeded his father, Pepin-le-Bref, in 768. In 768. Karloman died in 771, and Charles became sole sovereign. By his wars against the Saxons, the Lombards, and the Saracens of Spain, he increased his empire until he was until he was master of the best part of Europe. “Charlemagne was throughout his reign the champion of Christianity. He never rested until the Saxons were not only subjected…

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  • Animal Farm Essay: Is Lying Ever Okay?

    Research for Reason #2 (at least 2 sources) The Diary of Anne Frank- Anne Frank and her family are Jews in the 40’s hiding from the Nazis in fear of being taken to a concentration camp. They end up hiding in a part of her father’s office called the Annex, and others must lie saying there are no Jews living there in order to spare the Franks’ lives. This article discusses why lying…

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  • Charlemagne's Expansion Of Christianity

    Charlemagne’s desire to pursue the universal expansion of Christianity. Pagans proved to be exceptionally defiant toward converting to Christianity, which led the Franks to believe they rightfully needed to enforce a religious transformation across Europe by any means possible. The Saxons Wars and Vikings raids in Paris stressed the need for Franks to define violence as God’s tool…

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  • The Magyar People: A Comparative Analysis

    head-to-head with the established power of central Europe, the kingdom of the Eastern Franks. In the opening years of the conflict, the Magyars, as they were known (later known as the Hungarians) created a crisis which threatened the survival of the Eastern Frankish kingdom. The magnitude of the Magyar threat the kingdom and Europe as a whole has largely been neglected by modern scholarship. The struggle between the Eastern Franks and the Hungarians can be compared to the Moorish invasion of…

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  • Hinduism Vs Islam Essay

    1. The Code of Justinian, The Roman Emperor Justinian instructed his legal advisors to come together to create a set common set of laws that were to be used for his entire empire. The group of men wrote down the laws that were already in use and made sure they did not contradict one another. When they felt the laws were in order they named them “The Code of Justinian. The laws were so well written and were just that many nations used the Justinian codes when they were establishing their own laws…

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  • Charlemagne And The Collapse Of Rome During The Medieval Ages

    bubonic plague. The plague spread through fleas that were on rats on ships that carried cargo being traded. Warfare also weakened Europe as a whole causing it to change to a more rural and less populated place. People such as the Goths, Visigoths, Franks, Lombards, Angles, and Saxons also emerged as the dominant people in terms of literacy instead of the Romans. This is a big change because the Romans viewed those groups of Germanic people as barbarians. Romans also had kings and emperors while…

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  • Middle Ages Feudalism

    With the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 CE, Germanic peoples established multiple kingdoms as successors for imperial power. One notable Germanic tribe, the Franks, had their realm of influence increased dramatically with the advent of the Carolingian dynasty, founded by Charles Martel. The Carolingian empire, known as such with the crowning of Charlemagne as emperor, was the exception in a period of general…

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  • Perseverance In Charlemagne

    account of the notorious Charlemagne, King of the Franks. While the account might be slightly biased due to Einhard being personally involved with Charlemagne’s court, the information present still allows historians a glimpse into the lives of Charlemagne and his family as well as…

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  • Charlemagne Qualities

    Charlemagne’s overall success as a military leader is undeniable, but there are many reasons for this.[1] Potentially most obvious are the actions and traits of Charlemagne himself, The obvious and possibly most important factor was Charlemagne himself. Many historians praise Charlemagne’s ability as being bordering on the supernatural, and argue that his personal qualities were vital in the military conquests of his reign, both in terms of the effectiveness of his administration and his…

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