Animal Farm Essay: Is Lying Ever Okay?

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Is Lying Ever Okay?
People tell an average of two to three lies every ten minutes. Was your last conversation completely truthful? In Animal Farm, Napoleon and the other pigs intermittently deceive all of the other animals, like when they changed the commandments. Conjointly, they said that Boxer died peacefully in a hospital when he really got slaughtered for a quick buck. They take lying too far as it does not protect the well-being of the others, it just makes the pigs’ lives untroublesome. Dishonesty is appropriate when it is done to protect others from a painful truth or when it is protecting an individual’s life, although some may say that it always breaks trust. Lying is acceptable when it is done to conserve the well-being of others.
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Connection to Animal Farm:

Our claim connects to Animal Farm because we frequently see Napoleon and the pigs lying to all of the other animals, such as when they change the commandments or say that Boxer died peacefully in a hospital. But, they take lying too far as it does not protect the well-being of the others, just makes the pigs’ lives easier. Reason #1:

Lying is permissible when it protects others from from a truth that can be painful or demeaning. (White lies)

Research for Reason #1 (at least 2 sources) 2. “Though some lies produce interpersonal friction, others may actually serve as a kind of harmless social lubricant. "They make it easier for people to get along," says DePaulo, noting that in [a study where people wrote down every time they lied for a week] one in every four of the participants ' lies were told solely for the benefit of another
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Research for Reason #2 (at least 2 sources)
The Diary of Anne Frank- Anne Frank and her family are Jews in the 40’s hiding from the Nazis in fear of being taken to a concentration camp. They end up hiding in a part of her father’s office called the Annex, and others must lie saying there are no Jews living there in order to spare the Franks’ lives. This article discusses why lying can be beneficial in a hostage situation, as the end obviously justfies the means. Lying a bit to a captor can save multiple innocent lives.

Counterclaim with rebuttal using research:

Some might say that lying is never okay, that lying just brings trust a halt, and that it turns people on each others, but we believe otherwise. According to the article “Lying And Ethics” by Tim C. Mazur, “Utilitarians base their reasoning on the claim that actions, including lying, are morally acceptable when the resulting consequences maximize benefit or minimize harm.” This statement has been developed through the minds of many brilliant philosophers about the best way to go about with a person’s life, making this an ideal way to go. It implies that to balance what you say, you need to have to say the truth but spice it with some lies, creating the perfect recipe. So, we believe the people that say lying is never ok are wrong on some

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