The Ways We Lie Essay

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Everyone on Planet Earth is a liar; harsh but true. Every day we say “Yes, I am okay” or “No, I did not steal the cookie.” These are examples of the millions of lies told, big or small. In the short story The Ways We Lie, the author described ten types of lies: lies of delusion, lies of omission, lies of dismissal, or white lies (Ericsson 409-416). Upon reflection, I realized that I am guilty of telling many lies to save my image, to get out trouble, or to protect other people. The first lie I tell is through a façade. A façade can be compared to “putting on” another persona to create an illusion. I have a façade for many groups of people in my life. My façade for my mother is different than for my father. Similarly, when I am around certain groups of friends, I act differently. Around more studious people, I put on a façade of superior intelligence. Around less studious people, I put on a façade of lesser intelligence. Around my mother’s wealthy friends, I put on a façade of elitism. I am aware of the lies I tell because I am a piece of each. …show more content…
I often tell white lies because I am trying to protect myself or someone else. Most people tell white lies to people they care about but I tell them to those I do not. If I care about someone, I will tell them their breath stinks or their hair is “not okay” so they can look their best and not be embarrassed. To others, I will easily say “those colors go well together” or “You smell nice.” When I tell white lies, they are reserved for those who do not know me because those I am close to know I will be candid. Besides lying to spare others, I have other small lies to avoid confrontation. I use “I am okay” or “Yes, I am fine” to avoid awkward conversations with people who are not looking for the truth or with those I do not trust in enough to share my inner demons. Other lies like “Yes, I have read the Terms and Conditions” are lies that everyone tells to save

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