The Four Types Of Pro-Social Deception

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We all lie. The ugly truth of being human is that we all lie; some people lie to achieve something good, others lie to look good or protect themselves and, the one we are more familiar, people lie to harm others. According to a professor of the School of Media and Communication at Korea University, Timothy R. Levine, deception “is intentionally, knowingly, or purposefully misleading another person” and a lie is a subtype of deception that involves giving falsehood to another person, consciously. We can divide lies into four categories; pro-social deception that is the lie to achieve something good. An example of pro-social deception would be lying about a surprise party. There is also self-enhancement deception, which is the lie to make ourselves look good, selfish deception, which is the lie we use to protect ourselves. …show more content…
Finally, there is antisocial deception, which is the lie used to harm others. One of the principles of verbal messages is that messages are package; verbal and nonverbal messages support each other to make the signals we want to send to others. A contradiction to the relationship between verbal and nonverbal messages usually is evident to us. For example, a violation of the principle that messages are package would happen in the United States if a person says that everything is going great, but fails to do any type of eye contact, we might believe that the person is fine, but the lack of eye contact is nonverbal predictor of lying in the United States. Now, having in mind that messages are packages, can we predict when a person is lying by studying their nonverbal

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