Hinduism Vs Islam Essay

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1. The Code of Justinian, The Roman Emperor Justinian instructed his legal advisors to come together to create a set common set of laws that were to be used for his entire empire. The group of men wrote down the laws that were already in use and made sure they did not contradict one another. When they felt the laws were in order they named them “The Code of Justinian. The laws were so well written and were just that many nations used the Justinian codes when they were establishing their own laws.

2. The Quran – The Quran is the Islamic holy book. The Islamic faith states the Quran contains the divine revelations of Allah. These revelations were shared by Muhammed and during the 650’s devote followers of Muhammed wrote down what he shared with them and complied it into the book that is today known as the Quran.

3. The Arab Merchant Suleiman- Suleiman was and Arab Merchant that used shipping as a method to trade commercially. Suleiman made several voyages where he traded wares between India and China. In 851 a geographer documented Suleiman’s travels.

4. The Development of Hinduism- Hinduism does not have a single founder, or single holy book that occurred at one set place in time. Hinduism is a merging of many beliefs and philosophies. Followers of the faith believe that the Oneness can be expressed in many ways. Hinduism though labeled a
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The Aztec and Incan Empire – The Aztec Empire was a powerful entity led by Montezuma. Montezuma led his army across southwestern Mexico conquering and slaughtering. They conquered the gulf coast and the cities of the high plateaus. The Aztecs going forces with Texcoco and Tlacopan to create an iron clad alliance that would rule over nearly twelve million people. The Incas were migrant people that settled the highlands in the Andes Mountains. Like the Aztec Empire, the Incas set out to conquer the settlements around them. Under the rule of Pachacuti, the Incas overthrew their neighbors and took control of the

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