Fort Hood shooting

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  • Research Paper On Mass Shootings

    Mass Shootings In the United States of America shootings are becoming more frequent in our day-to-day life. Mass shootings are not a new thing in this country it has been going on since the early 80’s. In the last sixteen years there have been seven major shooting in the U.S. killing over 150 people and injuring 180 more. The FBI states every town for gun safety development an analysis of mass shootings that took place between January 2009 and July 2015. There have been 133 mass shootings in the nearly seven years. If these numbers were accurate that would mean two shootings per month that occurred in 39 states. All of the following will describe those locations of the shootings, number of lost lives, the wounded in the attacks and background…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Journey To The United States

    It was in March, 18, 2010, when i first came to the “Dream Land,” or should i call it, “The land of opportunity for everyone - every race, every ethnic groups, and every cultures.” Well, this is what America known as to other countries- at least to my country. I remember it was early in the morning when I landed to the American soil. The sun was just rising and peaking over the horizon. I couldn’t wait to to smell the American “air.” When i finally got out of the JFK, I smelled the air. I didn’t…

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  • Case Study: Fort Hood Military Personnel Center

    The Fort Hood Military Personnel Center demonstrated initiative by devising an automated customer service system commonly referred as a Kiosk, resulting in a considerable savings in man-hours and reduced customer wait time. By establishing the system the customers now have some predictability of wait times and an expected quality of customer service that will be provided. The kiosk negated the need for a Queue Management System for Customer (Q-matic) numbering system and allowed interface with…

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  • Kenneth Brazile Jr Essay

    He said the reason why he joined was “I wanted to be different from everyone else, I did not want to follow down the same road like other people I graduated with and get a regular job barely making ends meet. We did not have very much money to send me to college, so I decided to join the military.” Shortly after graduating high school he went to the recruiter’s office in town to sign up, then to Montgomery, Alabama to follow up. Kenneth got a brief basic training in Montgomery, but within two…

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  • Personal Narrative-It's All Quiet On The Western Front

    sounds and screams it sounded like an older man. One of the soldiers, probably the one who was hit by the club, yelled, “Fire”. All I saw was smoke and all I heard were screams. I knew that at least three people were dead. After all the smoke had cleared out there was complete silence. There were five dead bodies on the ground. Some squirming and some still as a rock. The white snow was turning deep red. I was shocked and my ears were ringing so I couldn’t hear anything. Then I realized that I…

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  • To Tell Or Not To Tell Analysis

    Pennsylvania, it happened, but it was much worse than bringing a gun to school. Matthew, a 16 year old student at that school, heard a boy repeating that he was going to start shooting people at the school. Then Matthew told the police what he knew and the police arrested three students that were going to shoot people at the school. But what if he didn't tell? There has been many mass shootings over the years and if Matthew wouldn’t have told, then Cedar Crest High School would of been just…

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  • Shift-Shock Nitro-Junkie And Badmotorjam Analysis

    in my head and I thought why not throw up the hood and look to see what makes this work. I 'm not an expert mechanic, but I know how the parts function and am not afraid to try a few things out. I have noticed that whenever someone sticks their neck out to write about men or masculinity it will start a kerfufle of irrational perportions. It is a kin to if you 've ever been to an auto parts store. The attendants working the front desk inveriably have something to say about…

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  • Analysis Of Urban Fiction By Wahida Clark

    murder filled novels. Once you are done reading her book, you’ll be convince that you are living the life in the hood. From the cornrow rocking to the jailhouse visits, this author just doesn’t missed a beat in her writings. Author Clark excels in urban fiction writing about hood romance plots, successful characters, and raw & uncut dialogue as she takes it to another level. Wahida Clark was born and raised in the streets of New Jersey so you know she knows everything about the streets. She…

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  • The Importance Of The Mughal Dynasty

    the Mughal empire. The fourth useful action, creating monumental architecture, was extremely useful in the Mughal empire because it showed sovereignty, wealth and combination of culture. Akbar’s Mughal architecture is a mixture of Persian, Islamic, and Hindu styles. Because of the combination, it allows none of those cultures to be left behind and everyone unite together. As a leader, Akbar the Great did a great job because the idea of compromising these cultures together results in less…

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  • Relationship Between Imagination And Technology

    City, Arizona at the time. This is about 5 minutes driving distance from Sierra Vista, Arizona (the next town over), and about an hour south of the next major city, Tucson. She was enrolled in Tombstone High School: a senior, ready to graduate and venture out into the world on her own. She said that the most important relationships at this time for her were certainly with her parents – my great grandmother and my great grandfather. My great grandfather held the value of family to be very…

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