Biography Of Kenneth Brazile Jr.

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We always appreciate those who served in the United States military because they fought for our freedom, and who is not appreciative of that? People always hear great stories about military veterans who won medals or executed extraordinary task. Not a lot of people hear stories or firsthand accounts from the regular enlisted or ex-soldiers. Kenneth Brazile Sr. was one of those great but average people to serve in this great nation’s military. He was in the Army way back in time around 1989. He was not a special person in the military, just another soldier who was recruited by the army with his personal account on what the service was like back then. Kenneth Brazile continues to serve his community as a police chief in the small town he grew up in.
Kenneth Brazile Sr, now 44 years of age, is from a little country town in deep south Alabama named Brewton. He grew up with a single mom and an older brother on the outskirts of town: “I was not very privileged growing up, if I wanted something I had to work for it.” He said.
I contacted Mr. Brazile via face-time. He was at his office desk inside his medium-sized office. He was in his white police uniform with a bunch of
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He said the reason why he joined was “I wanted to be different from everyone else, I did not want to follow down the same road like other people I graduated with and get a regular job barely making ends meet. We did not have very much money to send me to college, so I decided to join the military.” Shortly after graduating high school he went to the recruiter’s office in town to sign up, then to Montgomery, Alabama to follow up. Kenneth got a brief basic training in Montgomery, but within two months he was sent to fort hood in Texas. He said that it was a big shock to him, everything was new, and it was like being reborn into a new world. He talked about how he had to learn military etiquette, how to walk, talk, and, act in certain

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