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  • ROMAC Stability Test Fig

    ef{fig15}. The first forward log decrement remain nearly invariant in the excitation frequency range, while the first backward frequency drops a little. egin{figure}[htbp] centering includegraphics[width=8cm]{Fig15.pdf} caption{Mode paramenters} label{fig15} end{figure} Using the sine-swept excitation method, we did both backward and forward excitaions for the test rig, and Fig. ef{fig16:subfig} shows the full spectrum waterfall for the left bearing (Node 10). Using the idenitification method [Li], the first mode parameters are estimated (1B: f=85.3Hz, LogDec=0.726; 1F: 86.3Hz, LogDec=0.442). By comparing the prdicted and measured first forward mode parameters, we can drow conclusion that the force coeffients of bearings are reasonably…

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  • Dornbusch Overshooting Model Essay

    in macroeconomics. However, in view of dynamical complication of the foreign exchange rates, the behaviour of exchange rates still could not be expected directly. The essay would be developed in three parts. First, the monetarist model and the important paper “official intervention on the Forward Exchange Market” published by R. Mundell and J. Fleming in 1961 analysed the effect of official intervention in exchange rate. Second, considering the masterpiece paper “ Expectation and Exchange Rate…

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  • FX Derivatives Case Study

    uncertainty in home currency terms. In this case, the company can hedge FX risk exposure by entering into a short USD/long GBP position in forward or futures contracts. The main advantage of this hedging is that it reduces FX risks and provides certainty on the receipt of the future net income. In particular, hedging can add value if net income received in USD represents a greater proportion of total company’s revenue (Muff et al, 2008). Conversely, if the company expected to meet its future…

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  • Definition Of Happiness In Literature

    people consider love to be the ultimate form of happiness while others believe success and wealth to be the key. There are a lot of people who disagree with both sentiments and believe that happiness comes from something else entirely, which we can observe in many forms of literature. One novel in particular, titled Pay It Forward by Catherine Ryan Hyde, describes happiness in many definitions, all of which can be interpreted by the reader. Each character views and experiences happiness in a…

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  • Case Analysis Of Primark

    Target Market of Primark Demographics: Segmentation Target customers Income Low-medium income Gender Generation Y (Jahn, 2015) Occupation Student or Young Worker Age Mainly16-24 (Neville, 2016) Psychographics Life style Milan is the second highest fashion market and one of the highest growing market for fashion consumers (Kent, 2011). Price sensitivity Very price sensitive (Kotler. P, 2016), so the retailers in Milan always offer low price points. Geographics Urban student accommodation or…

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  • Ulta Beauty Case Study

    Since they went public in 2007 ULTA has faced some declines in stock prices and faced management changes ULTA has maintained a steady rise in stock prices. This is a good company to invest in for the short term because they have a strong consumer base and has maintained their name in the beauty industry. As for a long term investment potential investors should keep a watch on the stock and the management systems. When this stabilizes I believe ULTA will be a strong contender for long-term as…

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  • Kotler And Armstrong's Three Different Types Of Pricing Strategies

    marketing tools: Product, Price, Place, Promotion that the firm blends to produce the response it wants in the target market” (p. 76). The first element of 4Ps is Product. Yudelson (1999) defined product as all the benefits (present or anticipated) that the buyer acquired from the exchange. Product is the goods or services that are created by company and offered in the business sector to fulfill shoppers’ needs. There are two major types of product, namely consumer products and industrial…

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  • Interest Rate Parity Essay

    In an efficient market, optimal allocation of resources, ideally should keep agents from earning abnormal profits due to the interest rate and exchange rate differential, because these will be priced appropriately to reflect all the available information. The test for market efficiency then should reject any claims for abnormal arbitrage situations that may arise out of forward premium rate deviation beyond the transaction costs from those implied yet by covered interest rate parity (Thornton,…

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  • Medi-Cult Case Study

    study examines different methods of measuring customers’ perceptions of value. Thirdly, armed with the relevant actionable insight in the light of key issues and facts (that exclude insurance coverage, channels (clinics) and regulations) price recommendations are made to meet Medi-Cult’s overarching objectives, along with some brief thoughts about the ethical implications…

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  • Case Analysis: The Budget Airline Industry

    Price discrimination Price discrimination is a pricing strategy whereby firms charge customers different prices for the same product or service that the offer. It is often that the seller charges each customer the maximum price that he or she is willing to pay. Such discrimination will allow a company to generate higher profits compared to standard pricing as it allows the firm to capture every last dollar of revenue available from each of its individual customers. (Anon., 2015) The Budget…

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