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  • Flight Simulator

    INTRODUCTION (OVERVIEW) Before the pilot use the real cockpit of the real aeroplane, they need to train their skill by using a system called flight simulator. Flight simulator is the system that looks like the real cockpit of the airplane but the truth is, it’s only a fake cockpit that had been designed special for the pilot training. The simulator were designed to help the pilot to test or train their skill in handling the cockpit in every situation that they might face during handling the real cockpit of the real airplane. Other than that, flight simulation also helps in reduce the highly cost of the flying time of the real airplane. A. Image Design Pilot or trainee are presented with the image of the scene like an original scene…

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  • Flight Simulators

    The demand for flight simulators has been largely accelerated by the need to train and evaluate pilots and aircrew efficiently, safely and effectively. Flight training tends to be driven by economics. The overall cost of purchasing and operating a flight simulator is a small fraction compared to operating the aircraft it replicates. Exercises such as an engine failure or stalling can be taught in the simulator. As a result the pilot and instructor as less susceptible to the dangers presented…

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  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X

    List of hardware & software used The following is a list of hardware & software used: 1. Keyboard 2. Mouse 3. Monitor 4. Power supply 5. Speakers 6. Video Card 7. Microsoft Flight Simulator X 8. Set of earphones Description of subjects 10 participants were chosen to experiment Microsoft Flight Simulator X. The participants consist of 5 female UNIMAS students, 3 male UNIMAS students, 1 female working adult and 1 male working adult, with ages ranging from 21 to 25 years. All 10 participants have…

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  • Personal Essay: Delta Air

    “Delta 1541, Cleared for takeoff.” These are the words every aviation enthusiast wants to hear. The ability to soar into the sky at lightning fast speeds is an incredible feat. To me aviation is not just a hobby, but instead aviation has been what I have dedicated my life to. Aviation has been both a passion and an interest of mine for the better half of 12 years. Stemming from these enthusiasms is how my personality has formed and has molded into the person I am today. My premier exposure to…

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  • Personal Narrative: Civil Air Patrol

    Deep bonding with flights I developed as a toddler. The flights’ landing and takeoff, I watched curiously when I was waiting in the airport launch for boarding Lufthansa flight to India. Fading of sawing noise as the plane disappeared in the sky during takeoff and puffs of smoke from the wheel as they touched the ground on landing captivated me. My level of excitement to watch these scenes never changed a bit even now. The contrail left behind by jets still amuses me. Playing flight…

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  • Quantitative And Qualitative Research

    Introduction For pilots operating in conditions that exceed their ability, a pilot can quickly create an undesired aircraft state. Since weather is always changing along a flight path it is imperative to be prepared for any unforeseen situations that may arise during a flight; while prior planning is always a safety net, it will not alleviate every scenario that appears such as inadvertent flight into cloud. Of course Transport Canada has taken the appropriate precautions by incorporating a…

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  • Importance Of Safety In Aviation

    by geese shortly after takeoff. An easy but pricey solution is put sensors on the back, nose, wings, and top regions of the airplane, in order to avoid objects like birds. It is similar technology that is already built-into warplanes to avoid surface-to-air missiles. On the task of weather, this is the airlines problem, they appear to care more about the money than the passengers. It puts extra pressure on the pilots to go through even lightning, sometimes this does not work and the results…

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  • The Airplane's Impact On Human Society

    (History of Flight Medicine) Physicians routinely made trips in hot air ballons to make observations of the effects of flight on the human body. “Exposures to higher and higher altitudes for longer and longer durations slowly increased understanding (sometimes with disastrous consequences) of medical conditions such as hypoxia, decompression sickness, hypothermia, frostbite, and cosmic radiation exposure.” (History of Flight Medicine) While these early tests were conducted using the only…

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  • Flight In Toni Morrison's Song Of Solomon

    Today, it is common for someone to have a fear of heights or flying. This fear keeps many of us grounded, unable to see the world from a different perspective. However, in the novel Song of Solomon, there is no fear when it comes to flight. In fact, taking flight is the main goal for the characters, as it offers them a different approach to their lives. Through the motif of flight, Morrison develops the characters in their quest for identity. The novel opens with a man by the name of Robert…

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  • Paper Airplane Lab

    drag, and gravity. When you throw a paper airplane forward, the plane is given a push force known as thrust. Lift is a force that helps the plane move up due to the air that moves under and over the wings. Drag force makes the paper airplane slow down because the air pushes back against the plane. Gravity is the force that pulls the plane down. There were many factors that influenced the flight and speed of the plane. One factor that greatly affected the flight and speed of the plane was the…

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