Analysis Of Microsoft Flight Simulator X

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List of hardware & software used
The following is a list of hardware & software used:
1. Keyboard
2. Mouse
3. Monitor
4. Power supply
5. Speakers
6. Video Card
7. Microsoft Flight Simulator X
8. Set of earphones

Description of subjects
10 participants were chosen to experiment Microsoft Flight Simulator X. The participants consist of 5 female UNIMAS students, 3 male UNIMAS students, 1 female working adult and 1 male working adult, with ages ranging from 21 to 25 years. All 10 participants have had prior experiences with virtual reality, mostly from entertainment and gaming. At the time of the experiment, all 10 participants were of excellent health; mentally and physically and had sufficient rest the night before. There will be little to no
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The experiment revolves around subjects who will be instructed to listen to the in-game instructions and to complete Tutorial 1: First takeoff. In this tutorial, the subjects will learn the basics of navigating and looking around in an Air Creation Buggy 582SL Trike aircraft. They will also learn to take off, fly through gates and then to land on the same runway. The usability of the Microsoft Flight Simulator X will be measured through a Usability Questionnaire. The questionnaire consists of 15 questions that require the subjects to rate their experiences in the simulator on a scale of 1 to 4. Each question in the questionnaire has a relatable factor which contributes to the usability score. Results from the questionnaire will then be analysed and discussed. A copy of the questionnaire is reproduced in the …show more content…
The usability of the Microsoft Flight Simulator X was rated on a 4-point scale, whereby a higher number indicates a higher usability score. Table 1 represents the means and standard deviations of usability questionnaire scores while Table 2 represents the means and agreement percentage for usability questionnaire.

In table 2, the shaded boxes represent the highest mean scores (3.10) while the mean score bolded in red shows the lowest mean score (1.40). The highest mean scores relate with the legibility of the instructions and displayed texts while the lowest mean score is concerned with the ability to recover from mistakes in the simulation.

Based on the agreement, most of the participants (80%) agree that the Microsoft Flight Simulator X menu screen and options are easy to use and understand. On the other hand, none of participants (0%) agree that they are able to remember the key commands and their associated functions and neither could they recover easily from mistakes made while using the simulator.

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