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  • E-Commerce Case Study

    Turban (2012) points out that some customers and business owner are still in opposition to the online business as they have few trust in electronic payment, security and might be afraid of learning new things. Lacking the assistance of government and global trade barriers could be considered as external obstacles for online business. The product based companies such as Dell or Apple are required to investigate the demand of customer from different countries, trade barriers, taxation, and law of…

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  • Fedex Corporation: Strengths And Weaknesses

    FedEx Corporation provides a comprehensive set of services such as e-commerce, business, and delivery services. The company offers printing, binding services, copying and video conferencing services. With locations all over the world, it is able to serve customers with any needs. The company’s strong market position and diversified business operations are its key strengths, with some weaknesses on its high dependability on the U.S. market and its limited market share growth, the company also…

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  • International Negotiation Case Study

    International negotiation is the process of making business deals across national and international cultures. All multinational projects require negotiation and communication skills that work globally. As the world’s market has become increasingly global, companies will have to be more into negotiating business. For example, let us assume that the centre of gravity of business decisions shifts to countries like India, China, Brazil and Mexico, and then the developed nations like United States…

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  • Similarities Between Frederick Herzberg And Maslow's Theory

    bottom of Maslow’s ‘hierarchy of needs’ his physiological and security needs are somewhat correlated to Herzberg’s hygiene factors. If we compare these two aspects of these theories we see that the two theorists basically make the same point (Alanis Business Academy 2013). They insinuate that basic human needs such as food, water and security all need to be present in order to foster a motivated employee. As well as this, Maslow’s following three hierarchies of need, social needs, esteem needs,…

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  • The Importance Of Internet And Social Media On Brand Management

    Brand management is arguably the most essential aspect of marketing. It traditionally aims at building relationships or connections with potential consumers in order to create a positive brand image and attract and retain customers. All companies have different brand management strategies and attempt at attracting and retaining customers through various means. The institutionalization of the internet and social media has drastically altered the landscape of brand management and advertising in…

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  • Case Study: Business Analysis: Pak Suzuki Motor Company

    Business Analysis is a set of tasks and techniques used as a connection between stakeholders. These help them to understand the firm’s structure and policies. The process can also recommend solutions which help to attain business goals. (Makos, 2015) For the purpose of my research I will use a business analysis tool which I studied in P3 & that is SWOT analysis. SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. SWOT Analysis This is often used in the initial stages. SWOT…

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  • Samsung: An Analysis Of Samsung's Global Competitive Advantage

    In order to achieve competitive advantage, it is important to have a strategy. To have a strategy and a competitive advantage is something a business must have. A business cannot survive if it doesn’t have a strategy or doesn’t know how to compete and make a competitive advantage. In 1938 Samsung was established by Byung-Chull Lee in Taegu, Korea. Along these lines, before discussing what strategy Samsung used to accomplish global competitive advantage. What a strategy implies. Lots of…

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  • Rental Shopping Case Study

    1.1. INTRODUCTION & OBJECTIVE Rental Shopping is a team of positive minded and dedicated business professionals committed to becoming the world’s first choice for people requiring home appliance rentals. We are accountable and responsible for our own future; integrity and honesty are the backbone of our business ethos. We continually strive to provide the best possible marketing, administration, training and operational systems through the synergy of our team to ensure the profitable operation…

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  • Case Study Segway

    Question 1 The Segway was considered to be bringing about the revolutionized transportation but the issue which has been making it to lag behind is that there was no innovation and the focus was on innovation. The innovation factor lacked in it as there was no creativity factor in developing the Segway. The aim which is evident in that Segway intended to make an invention but they had no innovation in making the product feel unique about its existence. The Segway team did not do a better work…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Sunsilk

    4.0 Recommendation of marketing idea In order to increase Sunsilk’s market share, there are few recommendation for its marketing plan. First, Sunsilk should increase the use of internet as its marketing and also public relations tools (County, 2009). As people’s life nowadays is usually “attached” with social media or internet, therefore, Sunsilk should focus on this method as it is more effective and also cost-saving. For instance, Sunsilk can have advertisement on social media like Facebook,…

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