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  • Transportation Income Worksheet: Case Study

    Introduction For my case family this week, I filled out a transportation expense worksheet. By filling out their transportation expense worksheet, I was able to identify their strengths and weaknesses in their transportation budget. In this paper, I am going to discuss their challenges in reference to their transportation expenses, the reason why I believe owning a car is necessary for my case family, how consumerism/conspicuous consumption is relevant to my case family, and strategies that…

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  • What Is General Mills's Innovation?

    General Mills is a company that has strategically develop and growth through mergers and acquisitions. Also, the company thorough study of the market has made it maintains their leader position on the food industry through more than 100 years. Continuously scanning the environment to be the first in product development and product innovation has worked for them because they have been able to build brand equity and respect in the food industry. As of these days, innovation is the key for…

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  • Dot Foods Mission Statement

    and serve as the organization’s guiding principles (Yadav, 2015). According to Dot Foods Chief Executive Officer John Tracy, the mission statement for Dot Foods guides the organization in times of key decision points and in the normal course of business (J. Tracy, personal communication, August 22, 2016). Tracy also contends that the company was late in developing a vision statement to help employees connect what they do with the overall work of the organization.…

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  • Barbara Stack Biography

    Barbara Oif Stack (early sixties) is General Counsel of Ironstate Development, which develops, owns and manages large-scale real estate developments in New York and New Jersey. Barbara has been with Ironstate for over twenty years, and some of the projects that she’s worked on include the Pier Village waterfront development in Long Branch, the Port Liberté and Liberty National Golf Course. Before joining Ironstate, Barbara was a public-interest housing attorney and in large law firms. In…

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  • The Importance Of Yard Signs

    from screen printing services to promotional materials for local organizations and businesses. They take pride in having high service standards for both their staff and their products, and they know that custom-made yard signs are exactly what your business or cause needs. What Are Yard Signs? Chances are high that you’ve seen several yard signs in your community. They’re the corrugated plastic signs set on wire stakes…

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  • Why Is Competition Important In American Society

    Competition is a major necessity in American society. It is what fuels us toward advancement in technology. Competition helps to prevent against a stagnant society. We would not have many different choices of goods and services without competition. Overall, competition is beneficial to our everyday lives. Companies are always pushing each other by creating more efficient products. For example, if modern smartphone companies never competed against each other our current technology wouldn’t…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Mercedes Ads

    billboards on the side of roads as well as ads found while scrolling through social media sites, are everywhere thriving for attention. Advertisements communicate information to consumers about a specific product, company, or service offered by a business. Quickly glancing at an advertisement does not provide enough time to completely analyze it. Through the use of Aristotle’s three appeals, ethos, pathos, and logos, Mercedes’ advertisement strongly notifies viewers that the Mercedes SLK will…

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  • Honest Tea

    been done with success from complete it, the Honest Tea business plan was lacked of awareness to make a good proposal for them to attract or encourage the investor to invest in their project during that time. From my point of view, the Honest Tea not state several topic that important and necessary to have in the business plan. Automatically, the investor will not interest in the project that given by Honest Tea especially in that business plan still not stated the details of several information…

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  • Alexandria Draghi Essay

    Alexandria Draghi “Allie”, a Sacred Heart University Fashion Minor and the president of the school Fashion club went to study abroad in Rome, Italy to gain a cultural experience of fashion. While there, she also was gaining the understanding of another language, along with a diverse learning experience in another country. Alexandria passed away right before her twenty third birthday on Thursday afternoon while in Bern, Switzerland for a weekend trip. Her friend Amanda Magno, who is another…

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  • Portegello Interview

    For this report I interviewed Robert Portegello of Robert’s Printing. Robert’s Printing is a family owned business in Brooklyn New York. We started this business with one thing in mind. To provide professional printing services in the Brooklyn area, this business was opened by selling blank pads with linear engraving, posters, and circulars. Before opening this business Robert had to access the local competition, luckily he knew what to do. Robert’s Printing was to have lower prices and better…

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