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  • IBM Sales Management Analysis

    It’s headquarter, is situated in Armonk, North Castle, New York, United States. Being the world's prevalent technology company and the second most important global brand, the company significantly manage its sales management process (About IBM, 2010). Due to its effective sales management only the company has become able to attain its present position. The company is able to optimize its sales personal performance due to the use of different management techniques, which are as follows:…

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  • Kantipur Fresh Fruits And Juice Case Study

    Business Functions “A process…

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  • Dada Banaspati Case Study

    BACKGROUND We visited the industry and interviewed managers of organizations and asked them about the problems faced by the organizations related to Supply Chain. We as a group visited the warehouses of Habib, Meezan and Dalda foods as they are among the leading brands in the market. By interviewing the managers of Meezan and Habib we came to know that the problems in these organizations are not directly related with our field that is supply chain. When we visited Dalda Foods their manager…

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  • Product Differentiation In The Case Of Domino's Pizza

    A perfect generic strategy is one which can provide a company with a competitive advantage over other companies in the market and has the potential to help the company to sustain its level of growth in the market. A company or a business organisation should always select a strategy after identifying its requirements and needs and analysing the existing trends in the market. Based on its needs and requirements, a company can choose from three major strategic options––cost leadership,…

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  • Takaful Company Case Study

    team of professional Takaful consultants play the important role in your personal success. 3.10.5 Opportunities future career plans Once I have become a Takaful Consultant, there are two steps of development ahead;  Opportunity to build my own business/Sales Career.  Opportunity for Management.  Opportunity for taking commission from each…

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  • Mega Bean Case Study

    Based on the research we did, Mr. Mega Bean Marketing is advised to improve their product marketing since the major weakness of the company is promotion. They should utilize the promotional strategies in order to improve the company’s brand popularity and sales performance. They should carry out promotional activities through advertising in particular media such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television and social media. Besides that, company also have to appoint promoters to promote their…

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  • Advantages Of IKEA

    IKEA too seek to take advantage of the tangible opportunities to reduce their costs. Figure 2 below shows the three pillars of IKEA’s concept which represents low cost, good design and functionality. It is inevitable that the furniture business was not an easy business to be expanded globally and primary reason would be the transportation of the goods is expensive. IKEA had been the pioneer in flat packed furniture concept which was especially introduced to reduce prices for its customers by…

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  • The Product Level Of British Airways And British Airlines

    Product level A product is an item that offered for a promotion. A product should satisfy customer’s wants and need. It could be an item or a service to serve a customer. It also can be in physical or in virtual form. According to professor Kotler, there are five product levels in total such as core benefits, expected product, basic product, augmented product and potential product. Core benefits Core benefits are the first level among the five product level. This is the basic fundamental…

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  • Strength And Swot Analysis: SWOT Analysis Of A Company

    SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats 1. Innovative and creative product 1) Weak communication I. Franchise or brand our business i. Our own employees starting their own businesses based on information from the company 2. Value based pricing. 2) Lack of sufficiency II. Acquire exclusive distribution ii. Being a start-up company or an unknown brand might give customers an impression of not buying our products 3. No leaks of information from our company. 3) Highly depending or…

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  • Watch Industry Case Study

    occupation of an individual plays a significant role in influencing his/her buying decision. An individual’s job and the nature of such job have a direct influence on the products and brands they pick for him/her. As if a person is an employee or a business man according to its occupation his/her buying behavior will be influenced that does he/she need to buy a watch or not. Economic Condition- Earnings per month is directly proportional to the buying tendency of a person. How much an individual…

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