Fermi paradox

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  • Analysis Of The Good Life By Martin Seligman

    Martin Seligman shares how people can become happier by discussing three different life styles in which individuals are happy. After sharing how happy people differ from the average person, — they are more social— he goes on to describe the pleasant life, the good life, and the meaningful life. In the pleasant life, individuals seek what makes them happy and surround their life around those items. The good life consists of individuals finding what their strengths are and integrating those…

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  • Pleasures And Pleasures In Jermey Bentham's Utilitarianism

    Utilitarianism is known for being based on the principle of maximizing the greatest amount of good for the greatest amount of people. Jermey Bentham is the founder of this political school of thought. Bentham says that people are “under the governance of two sovereign masters, pain and pleasure .” He uses these two masters as the justification for why his utilitarian system is the way that it is. Bentham’s utilitarianism focuses on the three factors: “the greatest individual pleasure or good”,…

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  • The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Experiment

    Introduction The concept of a spooky action at a distance, which describe the how an object could be affected, moved, or changed without being physically affected by another object, has raised different arguments throughout history. Some believe that action at a distance would describe all the uncertainties of quantum physics and would help us understand the unknowns of quantum mechanics. There have been varies experiments that support the claims of action at a distance and those who disagree…

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  • Sorites Argument Analysis

    ponens, which says “if p, then q; p, therefore q” is applied many times consecutively in these arguments, to the point that we ultimately arrive at paradoxical conclusions. The use of the “degrees of truth” approach, however, is able to solve this paradox by ultimately suggesting the invalidity of modus ponens and therefore rejecting the reasoning of these arguments. While the rejection of modus ponens is undoubtedly a controversial decision to make, it is ultimately supported due to the idea…

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  • Epicurean Vs Stoicism

    We all tend to be happy in our lives. Some people compare happiness with factors like money, social status etc. while some mean satisfaction by happiness. I personally feel that it is our desires that control our happiness and these desires if controlled can lead to positive feelings like satisfaction. It has been rightly said, “Satisfaction is the death of desire.” Out of the four accounts that we covered, I would select the views of the Epicurean and the Stoic accounts for the description of…

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  • Examples Of Utilitarianism In The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas

    “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas” is a short story by Ursula K. Le Guin. It was published in 1976 and is set in an ambiguous time period and location in a utopia called Omelas. This story discusses the idea of whether or not it is acceptable to destroy a small amount of people’s happiness for the good of the majority. The ethical theory behind this notion is utilitarianism: “that conduct should be directed toward promoting the greatest happiness of the greatest number of persons”…

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  • Fertility In Developing Countries

    Fertility has become a universal issue within the last few decades. Fertility today is at both an all time high and low within several regions around the world. Countries such as Niger, Mali, Somalia, Uganda etc, now all have on average have six kids per family. Compared to nations such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Egypt; where the average birth rate is as low as one child per family. Global impacts, varying from increased poverty level, overcrowded homes and cities are now…

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  • Tv As Birth Control Fred Pearce Analysis

    In Fred Pearce article Tv as birth control, he introduces his argument by asking a simple question "what is U.S family sizes compared with those of india?. This question gives the audience a background introduction of the main idea of the article, which is the how TV helps reduce the fertility rate in under developed and developing countries. He talks about some difficulties india faces is having a lot of young women of childbearing age. Hence, Pearce purpose of this question is to state that…

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  • Nursing And Neonatology Analysis

    History plays a huge role in seeing how the field of nursing and Neonatology have developed into what they are today. Nursing and Neonatology have a huge significant impact in today’s society for several reasons. Producers have since produced countless television shows, books, and movies revolving around the medical field. A personal favorite of mine, Grey’s Anatomy, remains popular with many other young adults. Although the show remains in the hospital setting, more coworker drama and conflicts…

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  • Why Does Low Birth Weight Lead To Adult Disease

    Twin studies aid in strengthening the correlations between fetal environment, low birth weight, and adult disease. On average, twins have lower than average birth weight as they experience reduction in growth during their third trimester due to limitations in size of the uterus (Vagero & Leon, 1994). Research involving monozygous and dizygous twins has determined that the lighter twin was more likely to develop higher blood pressure and have increased cardiovascular disease risk (Baird, Osmond,…

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