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  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Case Study

    4. Analysis of Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) [26] The identification and quantification of components of traditional TCM by chromatographic analysis (HPLC) is one of the major challenge. As TCM is a complex matrices in which all the constituents plays specific role for the overall efficacy. So the analysis of all the constituents synchronously is necessary to quality control the TCM. So the new technique UPLC is used for the quality control of the TCM. 5. Multi-residue analysis of…

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  • Weight Loss Training Plan Essay

    Everyone wants to lose weight but not everyone knows how to start the process. The good news is we have created a training plan designed to help individuals seeking to lose weight; kick start the process. If you follow the outlined plan; you can expect to lose ten pounds in thirty days. The plan focuses on diet, , supplements, exercise, tips and tricks and overall well-being. The training methods utilized to present plan materials include the standard lecture, team teaching, and…

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  • The Importance Of Clinical Monitoring

    1.1 General consideration Monitoring of different Clinical Research enables research ethics boards to ensure that, the standards that they approve in theory are being applied in practice [1] [2]. It has been suggested that such review has to be performed regularly and that it include monitoring of a variety of aspects of research, such as the consent process, adherence to the approved protocol and data integrity [1] [3]. 1. Weijer C, Shapiro S, Fuks A, Glass KC, Skrutkowska M. Monitoring…

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  • Difference Between Concentration Of Ccl And Csr

    The concentration of CDCL and CSER is obtained by solving equation (1) and (2) CX = A1 / ax1 ………………..... (1) CY = [A2 – (ax2 × CX)] / ay2…...(2) Where,  A1 and A2are absorbance of mixture at λ1 and λ2respectively.  ax1 and ax2 are absorptivities of DCL at λ1 and λ2, respectively,  ay1 and ay2 are absorptivities of SER at λ1 and λ2, respectively,  CXandCYare concentrations of DCL and SER, respectively. Concentration of DCL and SER in the powder mixture is found by using equation (3) and (4)…

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  • Lansoprazole Microparticles Lab Report

    parameters: Percentage yield: After complete drying, the drug loaded microparticle was collected and weighed accurately [9]. The yield of microparticle was calculated by: Percentage yield =( Total wt.of formulation (g))/( Total wt.of drug +Total wt.of excipient) X100 Surface Morphology [10]: The morphology of the microparticle was determined with the aid of Scanning Electron…

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  • Glyburide Liquisolid Compacts Case Study

    To meet the ever increasing demands for improved quality of life, a number of pharmaceutical researchers have developed a variety of dosage forms and the oral route has always been the most preferred means of drug administration due to the ease, high patient compliance and low cost of production. In spite of a variety of dosage forms, tablets are most commonly adopted dosage form. The class II drugs have low solubility issues which results in poor dissolution rate and bioavailability[1,2].…

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  • Rheumatoid Arthritis Research Paper

    The aim of the present investigation is to intend, develop and evaluate a pulsatile drug delivery containing a core-in-cup based system of dry coated tablet of ketoprofen based on chronomodulated approach for management of Rheumatoid Arthritis. This pulsatile system contained a core tablet surrounded by an impermeable outer shell and top cover layer. Core tablet contained the active ingredient acting as reservoir, ethylcellulose was used to form an impermeable outer shell, the top cover layer…

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  • Cyclodextrins Essay

    Cyclodextrins are enzymatically modified starches composed of glycopynanose units which form a ring of either six (α-cyclodextrin), seven (β-cyclodextrin) or eight (γ-cyclodextrins) units. Characteristics of β-cyclodextrins include: • Glucose unit: 07 • Molecular weight: 1135 • Solubility =1.85g/100ml • Cavity diameter = 6.4 Ǻ • Diameter of outer periphery = 15.4 Ǻ • Approx. volume of cavity = 262 (Ǻ)3 Cyclodextrins have a cylindrical shape with central axial cavity and resembles the shape of a…

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  • Immunization Thesis

    The Right to Choose Immunizations Thesis Paper Immunization rights are currently becoming a highly debatable ethical issue. Immunization is the method by which an individual is made immune or resistant to an infectious disease. Vaccines enable the body’s immune system to protect against disease or infection. There is much debate arising about whether individuals have the right to choose to vaccinate their children. Are vaccines safe enough that it be mandated for all or should there be a…

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  • Bioavailability Of Inhalers

    (Mascarenhas, 2003). For example, there are cases where an avoidable severe complication has been reported with the use of pancreatic enzymes after changing the product. It turns out this complication was a consequence of using of an enteric coated excipient (Peckham & Whitaker, 2013). Moreover, using acid suppression medication, such as proton pump inhibitors, may boost the effect…

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