Analysis Of Rf Value Of Caffeine

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1+2.) The results gathered showed that compound A had two spots, lower spot had an rf value of 0.48 and upper spot had an rf value of 0.77, this shows that compound A contained both paracetamol which has an rf value of 0.48 and caffeine which has an rf value of 0.77. Compound B had an rf value of 0.77 which is the same as caffeine therefore compound B contained caffeine. Compound C had an rf value of 0.48 which is the same as paracetamol therefore compound C contained paracetamol. These results support our original hypothesis which states ‘chemical principles can be used to seperate analgesic compounds from medicinal formulations’ and this is shown from our results in which the original sample compound A containing both
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The mixture is also sonicated to further assist the increase in rate of reaction.
The solid portion of the slurry is insoluble in ethyl acetate which is the excipients of the tablets therefore didn’t dissolve due to its polarity. The solid portion was filtered using filter paper into a seperating
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In step d) 10cm3 of dilute hydrochloric acid is added to the separating funnel containing paracetamol, caffeine and ethyl acetate mixture. This protonates the caffeine which therefore gives it a positive charge allowing it to be soluble in the hydrochloric acid aqueous layer whereas the paracetamol stays in the ethyl acetate, since the two mixtures, ethyl acetate and hydrochloric acid do not mix then the caffeine is separated from the paracetamol and ethyl acetate mixture. The aqueous layer is separated into a conical flask and then into a clean separating funnel to which sufficient amount of sodium hydroxide solution is added until the solution is alkali to universal paper. This allows for the caffeine to be restored to a neutral charge, then 10cm3 of ethyl acetate is added which is soluble in caffeine but immiscible to the aqueous layer therefore they separate. The aqueous layer is poured into a beaker and the remaining ethyl acetate layer is labelled as compound

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