Executive privilege

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  • The Unfinished Business By Richard Nixon: Article Analysis

    In the early 1970’s there was a break in at the Democratic National Committee Headquarters, which came to be known as the Watergate break-ins. Upon Investigation It was found that top white house officials, the CIA, FBI and even the president at the time Richard Nixon was involved in trying to cover it up. This led to Richard Nixon resigning which in my opinion was to save face from the impeachment that was coming his way. In the upcoming paragraphs I will be summarizing and examining two different articles on the Watergate crisis, where both authors have totally different views on the events in which happened. I will also discuss how this has changed America’s views on politics as well as how things may be different had this unfolded in this time with social media being the way it is. In the article Editorial: Watergate: The Unfinished Business the author is clearly unhappy with the way president Nixon had been handling the Watergate scandal and how long it had taken him to accept responsibility. The author felt that Nixon had not done enough as he stated in the article that the president was determined to do no more than the least that is required(Washingtonpostcom, 2016) . Based on what I have read in the article I have also come to the conclusion that the author felt that President Nixon is dishonorable. I have come to this conclusion because the author stated, An equally important test has been weather these men met certain minimum standards of decency…

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  • Essay On Executive Privilege

    the presidents have grown and the use of executive priviliege has been attempted frequently to protect themselves from investigations. Along with George Washington the House of Representatives requested information regarding salary information from President Andrew Jackson, however Jackson refused to fulfill the request saying that attempts to invade the rights of the Executive branch and the individuals who work closely to the branch is unjust. As the power of the president's office grew…

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  • The Importance Of Executive Privilege In The United States

    Executive Privilege is a controversial presidential power that is recognized by the courts but is nowhere mentioned in the U.S. Constitution. Executive Privilege is often used by presidents to hide information that may be incriminating or detrimental to their party or political standing. Many historians and politicians have claimed that executive privilege is not real and question whether it is constitutional for presidents and other members of the executive branch to withhold documents and…

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  • Pros And Cons Of The US Constitution

    One branch cannot hold all the power because our freedom will be in danger. Montesquieu, a french philosopher, said the secret of freedom in a government is separation of power. With this new Constitution, the legislative branch will not hold all of the federal power. Instead, the federal power will be divided into three branches: a Judicial Branch that will interpret the law, an Executive Branch that will execute the law, and a Legislative branch that will make the laws. This will create a…

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  • Supreme Court In England

    “shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour,” or in other words, for life. To have a group of individuals hold such power for the duration of their lives is unprecedented. Supreme Court justices should not be able to uphold duties for lifelong tenures since it will lead to despotic, mentally unable leaders operating under personal political agendas who cannot be removed unless convicted of a high crime as prescribed in the Constitution. In Federalist No. 78, Publius argues the judicial…

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  • Advantages Of Being A President

    Every four years there is race that many contestants are dying to win. The prize isn’t a gold medal, but rather securing the honor and privilege to serve the United States in the highest position available, the Presidency. Though the role is very coveted, it is a very demanding and stressful job that has many advantages, but also many obstacles associated to it. The president has a majority of personal responsibilities to look over, also while trying to take into account the wishes and needs of…

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  • Reflective Essay On Systemic Racism

    My journey so far in the class of racism and oppression has been eye opening and this is not only my perception. The first part of my recording is the greatest evidence of how far I have come along in this class. When I listened to the recording I was completely astonished at how lost I was. With every question there was a silence of about a minute, which actually seemed like 10, where it was evident that I was thinking of an answer for the question or of how to answer the question. Likewise, I…

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  • Indigenous Education System Analysis

    of disenfranchisement towards what was seen as the ‘white man’s process’ of education (Grey 1974, cited in Beresford, Partington and Gower, 2012 p. 100). This is an issue still present in Australian schools today, and one which Focus Areas 1.4 and 2.4 of the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) standards seek to address. Forms of structural and institutionalised racism were propagated in all areas of life in post-invasion Australia. However, it is more often that…

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  • The Skin Game Theme Essay

    Social injustice arises when equality treated unequally. Each time when someone cheats of what one deserve, there is injustice. Galsworthy has dealt with the theme of social injustice by portraying society as a sharply divided entity consisting of totally opposed classes. His The Skin Game deals with the theme of social injustice. A class struggle is in progress. But it is not between the rich and poor. The struggle is not based on economic inequality but on social inequality. The Skin Game…

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  • Systemic Racism In The Donald Marshall Case

    In 1971, Donald Marshall Jr. was convicted of a murder that he did not commit. Donald Marshall was forced to spend ten years in jail until evidence finally cleared his name. After reading the Royal Commission on the Donald Marshall, Jr., written by Gregory Evans and Elusive Justice, Beyond the Marshall Inquiry written by Alex Denny et al, I am now familiar with the Donald Marshall case. The Royal Commission investigated the Donald Marshall case in-depth to find out how he was wrongfully…

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