Pros And Cons Of The US Constitution

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How can we continue to prosper in this country if we do not have laws or a stable form of government? We have been liberated from a tyrannical monarchy. The Articles of Confederation leave us with no military, no federal currency, and no organized government. A Constitution will give us more freedom, a stable form of government, and allow us to be protected through our consent. By ratifying the Constitution, we are sustaining our future leaders and paving the way for our posterity. In order for this country to be independent, we must be able to exercise agency through our God-given rights, checks and balances through the separation of powers, and the ability to understand and follow rule of law.

Supporting the US Constitution gives us an even greater quantity of liberty than ever before. This declaration will protect and preserve not only our rights as citizens of New York, but also our God-given rights which include the right of life, liberty, and property. We are, in a sense, liberated from oppressive tyrants and
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One branch cannot hold all the power because our freedom will be in danger. Montesquieu, a french philosopher, said the secret of freedom in a government is separation of power. With this new Constitution, the legislative branch will not hold all of the federal power. Instead, the federal power will be divided into three branches: a Judicial Branch that will interpret the law, an Executive Branch that will execute the law, and a Legislative branch that will make the laws. This will create a power vs power struggle where each branch will want to become more powerful than the other two. This will minimize and/or eliminate the possibility of corruption and tyranny in our country and will created a system of check and balance between all three

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