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  • Parents To Vaccinate Children Essay

    The United States is known to be a great country because of our freedom to have our beliefs and values. Our nation has become this great land that at times is overwhelming. Our government has progressed since our founding fathers. The problem lies on how much power the government has. Immunizations are one of the many things that the American people have no voice in, even though vaccinations on children have been a big controversy to many Americans because of the side effects they might have…

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  • Docetaxel Solubility

    Solubility studies The solubility of docetaxel in various vehicles selected as oil, surfactant and co-surfactant for formulation of L-SNEDDS was determined and presented in the Table 1. Among the tested vehicles, Capmul PG8 NF (>250 mg/mL), Capmul MCM C8 (>250 mg/mL) and Transcutol P (>200 mg/mL) had the highest drug solubilization capacity for docetaxel. Whereas, Captex and Gelucire 44/14 shown the least solubility of docetaxel in them. Based on the solubility results, Capmul PG8 NF…

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  • Analysis Of Prazosin Hydrochloride

    RESULT AND DISCUSSION 7.1. Preformulation studies 7.1.1. Identification of pure drug by FTIR Figure7.1: Identification of Sample through FTIR Figure 7.2: FTIR Spectrum of Standard Prazosin hydrochloride (with references of B.P.- 2009) Table: 7.1 - Characteristics peaks of Prazosin hydrochloride S.No. Reference peaks (cm-1) Theoretical peak of Prazosin hydrochloride Obtained peaks (cm-1) Functional Group Stretching/ Bending 1 1750-1680 1529.92 1529.92 C=O Stretching 2. 1650-1580…

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  • Tetrahydrozoline Synthesis

    INTRODUCTION: Pharmaceutical field is the research and development intensive field. The search for safe and effective drugs continues to be major efforts for all the pharmaceutical industries. There are enormous complexities for discovering and testing new drugs because of the many aspects of safety, efficacy and economics which determines the acceptability of a drug. Nose is one of the delicate organs of the human body, as a result of which nasal drug delivery is challenge for formulator.…

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  • Modafinil Essay

    class: Central nervous stimulants (Wake- promoting agents) (Ballon and Feifel, 2006) Formulation: Modavigil ® is formulated as modafinil white to off-white, crystalline powder in tablet form. It is available in tablets containing 100mg of modafinil. Excipients in the tablet are: lactose, strach, pregelatinised maize, maicrocrystaline cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, providone and magnesium stearate (Medsafe, 2015). Indications: Modavigil ® is indicated as a treatment for excessive daytime…

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  • Ketoconazole: A Case Study

    The objective of work was to optimize, formulate, evaluate and compare the transdermal gel containing vesicle based: Transfersomes and liposomes, containing Ketoconazole, an anti-fungal bioactive. Ketoconazole loaded Transfersomes were prepared using thin film hydration method with different concentration of surfactant (Span80, Tween80, and Sodium Deoxycholate) and soya lecithin and characterized for various parameters including Vesicles Size, Morphology, Entrapment Efficiency, Drug Loading…

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  • Lab Report Chemically And Thermodynamic Foam

    the gas bubbles in the reacting medium. The bubbles in foam can be more or less homogeneous and vary in size. The shape of bubble of the foam may be almost spherical to irregular polyhedral, based on the way in which the foam is generated and the excipients used (Nikolai et al., 2009). Other parameters include the nature and concentration of the foaming agent, viscosity of the liquid phase,…

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  • Pantoprazole Undergoes Hepatic First Pass Metabolism

    tamarind seed powder in combination with HPMC, magnesium oxide, and talc. Tamarind seed powder is used for dissolution enhancer (improve dissolution). Method: Six Formulations were developed with varying concentration of polymer like HPMC and other excipients like tamarind seed powder, magnesium oxide and lactose. Result: The formulations were evaluated for hardness, thickness, surface pH, weight variation, content uniformity, and swelling index. The maximum in vitro drug profile was achieved…

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  • Research Paper Chromatography

    (H2O: ACN, 90:10) using a 100ml volumetric flask. This mixture was placed on a sonicate bath for 15 minutes to allow for complete dissolution of the aspirin. Using a syringe driven filter device, the solution was filtered to get rid of the insoluble excipients like talc contained in the aspirin tablet. A pipette was used to transfer 0.2ml of the stock solution into six (6) different 10ml volumetric flasks. The volumetric flasks were labelled 1 to 6 accordingly. Standard Aspirin preparation:…

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  • Solubility

    ABSTRACT Solubility is the phenomenon of dissolution of solid in liquid phase to give a homogenous system.Solubility is one of the important parameter to achieve desired concentration of drug in systemic circulation for pharmacological response to be shown. Poor watersolubledrugs often require high doses in order to reach therapeutic plasma concentrations after oral administration. Low aqueoussolubility is the major problem encountered with formulation development of new chemical entities. Any…

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